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3 wheel bikes

I'd like a 3 wheel bike  

We frequently have customers asking us if we carry 'motorized 3 wheel bikes' or '3 wheel bikes for adults.'

"Good morning NYCeWheels! Was wondering if you have 3 wheel bikes? Thanks!"

A bicycle with 3 wheels is, by definition, a tricycle. That said, we do carry 3 wheel bikes. We don't carry your standard 3 wheel bikes, however, we carry motorized bikes. More specifically, electric tricycles.

So what do you have in the way of motorized 3 wheel bikes?


A '3 wheel bike' is normally set up with two wheels in the rear and one wheel in the front. The electric trikes that we normally stock feature such a layout, including the Gomier electric trike and the eZee Carro electric trike. In a wheel configuration such as this, the electric trike will sport its electric motor in the front wheel.

There are also '3 wheel bikes' where the wheel set-up is reversed: there are two wheels in the front, and one wheel in the rear. Such is the case with the Greenspeed Tadpole trikes. Due to this wheel arrangement, they work very well with our Bionx electric bike kits. We've installed a few here in the shop!

"oh hai
my nephew just turned 5 and i would love to get him a 3 wheel bike!
can u send one with a glittery paint finish and long tassels hangin from the handlebar grips?"

"oh hai
just saw a hysterical clip on YouTube of a grizzly bear ridin on a tiny bicycle with 3 wheels
please forward information on how one could best obtain said 3 wheel bike and bear
i assume you have the exact same 3 wheel bike but could you also give good leads on the bear?
it is essential for the upcoming chuck norris themed frat party we are throwing"

To reiterate, we carry 3 wheel bikes for adults, not children's trikes, and especially not trikes fit for bears. In addition, the 3 wheel bikes that we carry are motorized 3 wheel bikes! These are also not appropriate for children or bears, but practical adults seeking out an easy, stable ride that allows one to cart around groceries or the day's haul.

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