Taking the A2B electric bike for a spin|Going beyond A to B NYCeWheels.com

Taking the A2B electric bike for a spin|Going beyond A to B

Taking the A2B electric bike for a spin|Going beyond  A to B

Taking the A2B electric bike for a spin is the most fun you can have going from point A to point B. The A2B's suspension and wide tires handle rough roads with ease. Its unique design and attractive looks will draw questions and smiles everywhere. Don't be surprised if someone asks for a ride. If you want to try taking an A2B electric bike for a spin, just call the electric-bike experts at NYCEWheels or check out the A2Bs on our website.

Today definitely started the riding season. The forecast called for a 90 degrees high so I decided to take the A2B electric bike out for a good spin. We actually hit a record high of 92 degrees - hottest since 1942.

I packed my Nikon SLR camera and headed towards the shop on York avenue to pick up the A2B. To my surprise, it was plugged in, fully charged. (after a hectic Saturday, things usually are left as they come back from test drives).
With Austrian folk songs blasting from my mp3 player, I started going east on 85th street. The streets were not as bad as they were after recent winters in NYC, but I did hit a bad block on 3rd avenue. These potholes really showed off the front and rear suspension and wide tires of the A 2 B - its smooth like Jaegermeister.

Arriving at Central Park, I parked the A2B electric bike at the baseball field just north of the great lawn. About 10 by-passers interrupted me, inquiring about the electric bike while shooting pictures, some of them pretty girls in bikinis so it wasn't all that bad.
After finishing the 20 minute photo session, I kept going further east. I know you're not suppose to do this, but I took the A2B off-road to see how it handles in extreme riding. Well, I am impressed. I would not do a 12 foot drop off a cliff but dirt roads, paths through the woods and grass fields are right up its alley - what a pleasure.

I met a Hungarian couple on vacation and couldn't say no when he begged to try out the bike. I guess the big smile on his face kinda tells the story.

After shooting another round of pictures on the west side of Central Park, I am entering Park Drive South and start heading home. I get flagged down a few more times. Although I am very handsome, I must admit I was mostly stopped because of the A to B electric bike.

I see my fuel-gauge still shows more than half a charge. I figure, why go home with a half-full battery? So I did another loop to finish off this perfect spring day in Central Park.

Having tested pretty much every electric bike ever built, I must say the A2B is one of the most fun machines I have ever ridden. Its the most fun you could have going from A to B.

Thanks for a great job Ultra Motors.
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