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NYCEWheels has some of the best bike accessories you'll find anywhere, whether you're looking for accessories for electric bikes or for standard bikes. Our accessories can improve your safety, ease your commute or just help you fix your bike. We offer a full range of helmets, lights and bells for safer riding, along with baskets, panniers and fenders to make your bike more useful for shopping or commuting, plus a full collection of tools to work on your bike.

There are many different ways to accessorize an electric bike or folding bike. Some people prefer safety above all. For them, some popular accessories are helmets, lights, and bells. Other people prefer commuter accessories. They take a look at our selection of baskets, panniers, and fenders. No matter what you're looking for, you can find it in one of the sections below.
  • Lights


    A necessary accessory for any electric bike, scooter or folding bicycle
  • Locks & Chains

    Locks & Chains

    You know everyone wants your e-ride. So keep it safe from the green-eye
  • Baskets for bicycles

    Baskets for bicycles

    Bicycle baskets are some of the most useful accessories you can attach
  • Pumps and Tire Accessories

    Pumps and Tire Accessories

    Don't get left flat! It's always a good idea to carry a pump and some
  • Fenders


    If you plan on commuting in rain and foul weather, a good set of fender
  • Horns and Bells

    Horns and Bells

    Whistles and Bells? From the extremely loud Air-Zounds Air Horn, to th
  • Mirrors


    Every cyclist would love eyes in the back of their head. Short of pla
  • Seats and Posts

    Seats and Posts

    Don't let a bad saddle make you sore. Having a comfortable seat makes a
  • Protective Gear

    Protective Gear

    If you only own one riding accessory, make it a helmet. C'mon, everyone
  • Apparel


    Gear specifically designed for cycling adding both style and safety to your ride including light-up LED jackets, backpacks, and backpack covers by Visijax.
  • Other Accessories

    Other Accessories

    This is a selection of accessories hand-picked by Bert and the NYCeWhee
  • Tools


    What you need to keep your electric ride on the road.
  • Bike Specific Accessories

    Bike Specific Accessories

    Need something specific? In this category, we've got accessories that a