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Picking the Best Electric Bike Motor

You see them on the streets. People whizzing past on an electric bike, not even breaking a sweat. Meanwhile, you're huffing and puffing while you pedal up a hill. You carry a change of clothes because you show up to the office drenched. Stop killing yourself. It's time to get an electric bike motor.

So where to begin? Can't you just throw a motor and a battery onto your bike? What is it that makes some electric motor motor kits so expensive while others seem so cheap? Surely, there MUST be a good reason! Many people ask us what is the best electric motor bike? Now we are here to pose a new question: What is the best electric bike motor?

Is the eZee the best electric bike motor?

With great power comes great range. One of the best electric bike motors for long distances, the eZee electric bike motor will last upwards of 20 miles per charge on Lithium batteries. As a front wheel motor, you have the option of using a bicycle with an internal geared hub: the hub motor wheel simply replaces your current front wheel. A throttle is placed on the handlebars for easy operation, and the battery sits on your rear rack. This is a great option for bikes with rear hub shifters, or someone looking for an easy-to-operate electric system.

Is the BionX the best electric bike motor?

Introduction to Bionx Electric Bike Conversion Systems BionX has earned the title best electric bike motor kit, as soon as it entered the market many years back. BionX offers great options for batteries, motors, and wheel sizes. Available in different motor strengths, the BionX Electric Motor Kit can install in the rear wheel of any bike with 20", 26", or 700 cc wheels. This is the best electric bike motor for versatility, and can attach to almost any bike.

The BionX electric bike motor provides both pedal-assist and throttle options. There are four levels of pedal-assist to cater to any type of rider. If you hit the rear brake while riding in pedal-assist, the motor kicks into "regeneration mode" to charge the battery. There are also four levels of "regeneration," where a pedal-resistance will help to charge the battery while riding. This is great on a downhill or flat surface to extend the range of the battery.

But what makes the BionX the best electric bike motor kit is the build in torque sensor, it reads how much help you need and automatically adjusts the power level needed. You just enjoy the scenery, the BionX kit does the rest.

The BionX system can charge to 80% in 50 minutes, and is one of the most popular items in our stock. The BionX PL350 is a versatile model, with a top speed of 20 miles per hour, and enough torque to handle very steep hills.

So is there a best electric bike motor?

Maybe some are better than others, but they all have different features that can cater to a specific rider. We ship electric bike kits all over the country, and have happy customers in Portland, Oregon, Austin, Texas, and California. So do your homework, browser our articles section or just simply call us to get the best electric bike motor kit for your needs, the great outdoors are waiting for you.

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