Electric bicycles including iZip, eFlow & Stromer ebikes
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Electric bikes, bicycles with power assist motors

Cruising easily with the wind in your face will make you smile at the pleasure of riding your electric bike. With a strong assist from the motor you'll be climbing hills and covering distance without breaking a sweat! Our expert hand picked selection of electric bikes will make you feel 30 years younger, breathing life into your commute and weekend.

folding electric bicycles! You'll be riding farther than ever thanks to the best Lithium-ion batteries used in our electric bikes. Each battery charges in just a few hours for pennies worth of household electricity.

With your new environmentally friendly and relaxing electric bicycle you will enjoy the outdoors more often and feel better after each and every ride.

Currie iZip / eFlow | Beautiful Electric Bicycles

  • Designed in California
  • You'll love the comfort these bikes have to offer
  • Stylish designs and classic looks
Starting at $2,200.00
CurrieTech, Shop now!

Stromer Electric Bicycles | Most Popular Electric Bike

  • Our most popular electric bicycle
  • Satisfies your need for performance, quality, and reputation
  • Amazing warranty - 3 years!
Starting at $2,799.00
Stromer, Shop now!

Haibike | German Engineered Electric Mountainbikes

  • Bosch Mid-Drive motors for better center of gravity
  • Agreesive MTB geometry to take on any trail
  • Weekends on the trail are no longer out of reach!
Starting at $3,950.00
Haibike, Shop now!

A2B | Stylish and Comfortable eBikes

  • Eye catching design and comfort combined
  • You'll be riding in style on these high torque ebikes
  • Fully loaded with racks, fenders, and lights
Starting at $1,699.00
A2B, Shop now!

Kettler | European Comfort

  • European style and simplicity
  • Reliable assistance for your neighborhood rides
  • Rack and fenders included
Starting at $2,799.00
Kettler, Shop now!

Surly Moonlander with 36V custom BionX motor

  • Huge fat bike tires will float over anything
  • You'll have the coolest new bike on the block
  • A breath taking conversation starter
Starting at $4,900.00
Surly Moonlander with BionX
Surly Moonlander with BionX

Brompton electric bike by NYCeWheels

  • Ultra compact and portable electric bicycle
  • You will be able to bring your bike right inside with you!
  • Made in England quality with custom electric system by NYCeWheels
Starting at $2,795.00
electric Brompton folding bike
electric Brompton folding bike

What will your electric bike be like?

An electric bicycle will make you fall in love with cycling. You'll be excited to ride effortlessly, going farther and faster than you ever thought possible. Many of our customers describe riding their powered bicycles, "Like riding a bike with super powers!" Or, "like you're always riding down hill..."

Our electric bicycles are designed to help you automatically any time you pedal. The maintenance free motor engages smoothly and quietly, propelling you along for miles.

How do you use them?

Electric bicycles can be operated in two ways:

Some models have both modes so you can switch back and forth and some just have one or the other. Check each product page to see which has which.

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