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Electric bikes, bicycles with power assist motors

Go green and experience all of the excitement an electric bicycle offers

For those who love the outdoors but find regular bicycles too strenuous, an electric bike is the perfect solution. Electric cycling is great for commuting or making the most of your leisure time. Electric bikes make traveling long distances and traversing over steep hills a breeze.

Browse our hand-picked selection of electric bicycles chosen by experts in the field. You'll find bicycles with sleek European designs that are great for the city, rugged mountain bikes for exploring the outdoors and portable bikes that can be easily folded for travelling convenience. These motorized bikes are powered by advanced lithium-ion batteries that charge in a few hours, using very little electricity. This makes them not only environmentally friendly, but also friendly on your budget. With each ride, you'll feel a renewed connection to the great outdoors and feel energized.

The Benefits of an Electric Bike

An electric bicycle will change everything you thought you knew about cycling. You'll be able to ride anywhere without feeling overexerted, travelling further and faster than you've ever dreamed. If you remember the liberating joy of going downhill on a bicycle, being able to relax and feel the breeze in your face without any effort, that is how you'll feel all the time. An electric bicycle automatically assists you whenever you operate the pedal and the motor is designed to be maintenance-free, smooth and quiet.

Electric bicycles can be operated in two modes:

  1. Power Assist (PAS) - the motor automatically engages when you pedal
  2. Power on Demand (POD) - the motor is operated with the handlebar throttle, like a moped

Certain models include both modes, allowing you to switch back and forth. Other models offer a single operation mode. The product page will tell you which mode the bicycle has, or if it includes both.

Discover the magic of the electric bicycle. Enjoy easy, enjoyable and healthy commuting without costly, polluting automobiles and a fun and relaxing leisure activity in the beautiful outdoors.

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