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What makes a BionX electric kit so great?

Bionx electric kit

Electric bike conversion is becoming more and more popular, and the BionX system is the most advanced electric bike conversion kit out there. We sell a lot of these kits to riders who want the power of an electric bike kit, but also want to keep their favorite bike. It's a no-brainer really. Take a bicycle that you love and add a powerful electric motor. Now you've got a comfortable, easy to ride, familiar electric bike! It's no wonder so many people love them.

BionX is easy to install and simple to operate. Did I mention fun too? That's because a BionX electric kit is designed to deliver the best possible ride experience. I already wrote a quick BionX review, my first impressions after riding it for the first time. This time let's take a closer look at what Bionx so great.

Is the BionX electric kit going to weigh me down?

The first thing everyone wants to know about these BionX electric kits is their weight. "Do I have to be a body builder to lift the kit out of the box?" Two factors affect the weight of the system: the battery and the motor. The overall weight of the BionX system will be more or less depending the specs of each of these components.

Two basic rules of weight: If it is older, it weighs more. If it is more powerful, it weighs more.

Let's deal with the battery first. Electric bike batteries are notoriously heavy, but they don't have to be. Newer Lithium-ion (Li-ion) are lighter than the older Nickel-metal hydride ones (NiMH). These newer batteries are also more powerful, giving you an engineering holy grail: both lighter and more powerful!

Breakdown of BionX battery vs. weight:

  • 24V 8 Ah NiMH - 9lbs
  • 36V 8 Ah NiMH - 14lbs
  • 24V 9.6 Ah Li-ion - 6.3lbs
  • 36V 9.6 Ah Li-ion - 8.2lbs

The next factor which affects overall weight is the BionX motor. These motors are incredibly light for how powerful they are. BionX motors come in 3 levels of power: 250 watt, 350 watt, and 500 watt. Each is significantly more powerful than the last, but only slightly heavier.

Breakdown of BionX motor vs. weight:

  • 250 Watt - 7.7lbs
  • 350 Watt - 9 lbs
  • 500 Watt - 11 lbs

BionX sounds great, but how far can I go?

The range of each BionX electric kit varies depending on the battery voltage and motor wattage. The farthest you can expect to go on one charge is 40 miles. That's under idea conditions with a new battery. If you need to go farther you can switch the system off on flats and into regenerative mode on down hill stretches.

Maximum range of our BionX electric kits:

Regenerate your self with a BionX conversion kit!

Riding a bike is a great way to revitalized your mind. Did you know that riding a BionX bike will actually regenerate the battery as you ride? Sounds crazy, right? This is yet another aspect of the BionX system that its riders really appreciate. Regenerative braking allows the motor to recharge the battery and increase a BionX bicycle's range. It doesn't mean you never have to charge the battery at home, far from it. It does mean you will be able to ride farther and faster than you would with other electric conversion kits.

The BionX electric kit: all the power you need.

What really sets BionX apart, aside from its powerful motor and long lasting battery, is its intelligent pedal assistance mechanism. Don't worry, you don't have to be a physics major to understand this one! Intelligent pedal assist just means the more power you put into the pedals, the more motor assistance you get. This makes for a smooth balance of motor and pedal power.

There is nothing like a BionX electric kit to breath new life into your favorite bicycle. These kits can give the bike that fits you just right a boost that will make you feel like a Tour De France racer! If you're interested in electric bikes, but just can't find one for your style of riding, a Bionx electric kit could be your answer. You can even read about some other electric bike kit reviews by some of our other customers. Hey, you'll never know if you don't take a look!