BionX | Battery, 48V Lithium Rear Rack Battery
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BionX | Battery, 48V Lithium Rear Rack

BionX | Battery, 48V Lithium Rear Rack

BionX | Battery, 48V Lithium Rear Rack

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We will not take parts orders over the phone. This is in order to avoid sending you the wrong part. Please order online by clicking "Add to cart" below.
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BionX 48V Lithium battery for Rear Rack
(Original BionX replacement part) This 48V BionX battery comes with a full warranty (details below) when installed and used properly. Do not attempt to use this 48V BionX battery with any other electric bike system. Only purchase this item as a direct replacement for your current 48V BionX battery. Please consider the guide below for compatibility.

    Notes on compatibility:
  • Mounting/Installation - Rear Rack mount systems only. BionX battery braket is required and IS NOT INCLUDED in this item.
  • System compatibility - SL350 or PL350 compatible. NOT COMPATIBLE with PL250 kits.
  • Voltage - 48V compatible. Can NOT be used with 24V systems
  • Charging - Use matching 48V BionX Lithium battery charger only. 4pin XLR type.

It is your responsibility to select the correct replacement part. NYCeWheels will not take returns on parts if the wrong item is ordered. For details on returns please read our return policy before purchasing this part.

Warranty: The BionX warranty covers all parts for 2 years after the date sold, valid on any component manufactured in 2012 and after, even if sold individually (as replacement). This warranty is valid for the original purchaser only and is not transferable. It is BionX's responsibility to determine the validity of warranty in any case.

We recommend you do not purchase a part for a non functioning system unless you contact your dealer for troubleshooting first. If your dealer is unable to support you please use our BionX troubleshooting resource. NYCeWheels cannot provide guidance in selecting a correct part unless you purchased your system from us.

If you did not purchase your BionX system from us, we will not provide help with installation of this part. If you are unsure whether this BionX part will work you should order the part from the original dealer which sold you your BionX electric motor kit. NYCeWheels will only provide troubleshooting support related directly to the part which you ordered.