Dahon MuP8 and BionX PL350 Folding Electric Bike
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BionX on Dahon MuP8, build by Rich

Rich bought a Dahon MuP8 with the BionX electric motor kit from us last year. Here is what he had to say about the system:

I purchased my Dahon MuP8 with the BionX 36 Volt 350 Watt system from NYCeWheels in late 2008. I have logged over a thousand miles and have been completely satisfied with the performance of the bicycle and NYCeWheels' service. The Dahon/BionX combination works very well together and because the Dahon is collapsible, it fits easily in the trunk (with room left over for my golf clubs and gym bag) and is available anytime I want to go for a ride. Loading and unloading is quite manageable as the battery is easily removed from the bike which makes it light enough for almost anyone to manage. I have found that the battery endurance performs better than expected. On longer trips I can get 40+ miles on a charge with an assistance level of 2 while maintaining an average 11 mph (and I'm 200+ lbs).

My experience dealing with the NYCeWheels staff has been excellent. I've had two problems since I purchased the Dahon/BionX and they were both handled with an immediate response and a ready solution.

The combination of compact portability, light weight and battery assistance gives me a bicycle for any occasion. A totally leisure ride can be enjoyed with battery assistance or a great workout can be had by reducing or eliminating the assistance. Hills and headwinds are no longer a barrier to where or when I want to travel and if I need to get to or get away from somewhere in a hurry I can throttle up and effortlessly speed along at 20mph.


Decatur, Illinois

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