BionX Problem Diagnostic Form

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BionX Problem Diagnostic Form

IMPORTANT: Please first follow through our BionX Troubleshooting Guide as far as possible to narrow down or solve the problem before submitting this form.

Please note we only provide tech support to systems purchased at NYCeWheels. For non-customers we will forward this form to BionX in order to at least help you get the process started. At that point BionX may ask you to contact your original dealer or may help you directly. If your dealer is not supporting you, you can also contact BionX directly.

To speed up the process of getting a problem solved or a part sent for replacement as quick as possible please be as accurate as possible. Missing or inaccurate information will delay the process.

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Order number (If you have it handy)

Date of purchase (we have that on file if you don't find it in your records)

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Your System Info

Motor serial number (required)
(This is located either on the wire coming of the motor or engraved on the inside rim of the motor housing)

Console serial number (required)
(This is located on the bottom of the console housing, you need to pull it off the bike to see it)

Battery serial number (required)
(This is located on the bottom of the battery - in between the metal rail)

Charger serial number
(This is located on the sticker on top of the charger - newer models have a bar-code sticker on the side)

What BionX system do you have?

What is your wheel size?

What console (dash-panel) type do you have? See our BionX Console page if you're unsure.

Battery Style?

BionX Problem Info

Problem Description: Please be as specific as possible. Give us as much info as you can but please try to limit your description to 200 words or less.

Context: What were you doing when the problem started? Did the start of the problem coincide with anything else?

Diagnostic Mode - Error Codes: If you can turn on your system and access Diagnostic Mode, please list the error codes you see in this box:

Diagnostic Mode - Battery Voltage: If you were able to Determine Your Battery Voltage, please write it in this box:

Diagnostic Mode - Strain Gauge: If your BionX is not assisting, you should have gone through the BionX Does Not Assist instructions to determine whether your motor's "strain gauge" is working properly. Is it it working?

Pulsing assistance: If your BionX gives a pulsing assitance you should have followed our instructions to adjust pulsing assist from BionX. What was the result?

Touch Port (48V batteries only): When you put your finger on the charger port for your 48V battery, what color does it show?

Motor Resistance - My bike feels like it's resisting me when I pedal even when I don't hold the brakes. So I followed the Check Motor Resistance instructions and I found:

BionX Test Results

Connections - I have followed the Complete Connection Test Instructions and I found:

Brake Sensor - I have followed BionX Brake Sensor Adjustment instructions and I found:

Axle Notch Orientation - I followed the BionX Axle Notch Position Instructions and I found:

Battery Gauge - I followed the BionX Battery Calibration Instructions and I found:

Throttle Calibration - My throttle didn't work so I went through the Throttle Calibration Instructions and I found:
My throttle still doesn't work.

Battery Self Shut Off - I remove the battery from my bike and let it sit for 30 minutes I found:

Battery Recovery - My battery voltage was less than 17V or didn't respond to the charger so I tried the at home recovery procedure (Battery Recovery Instructions - does not apply to 48V batteries) and I found:
My battery still wont charge.

Throttle Reversed - When I pressed the throttle the BionX went into regen mode. I tried the Reversed Throttle Troubleshooting instructions but I found:
It still doesn't work, pressing the throttle puts the bike in regen mode.

Contrast (G1 Console Only) - I couldn't see anything on my G1 console so I attempted to Adjust the Contrast but I found:
It didn't help, I still can't see anything on the console.

Additional BionX Problem Info

Other than the above trouble shooting steps taken?
What other trouble shooting have you tried?

BionX Diagnostic Form Submission

Thank you for spending the time to submit this form and going through the troubleshooting guide. Completing it fully is very helpful to us and to you in narrowing down the possible problems.