BionX Electric Road Bikes

BionX Electric Bike Conversion: The Road Bike

BionX Road Bike Adding electric power to a bicycle is a common practice these days. There are many types of electric bike motor kits that fit many different kinds of bikes. Of course, the quality of these kits vary with the brand, and they all utilize different motors, batteries, and mounting styles. Picking the most efficient electric bike kit is a tough decision if you can't tell the difference between them.

One of the best electric bike kits on the market is the BionX electric conversion kit. With customizable options for mounting styles, motor sizes, and speeds, BionX is widely considered the best electric bike motor kit available.

So what kind of a bike will fit the BionX system? We've been doing BionX installations for years, and have done everything from BionX folding bikes to BionX comfort bikes. Almost any bike will work as an electric bike. For a sportier electric bike, many riders enjoy riding a BionX road bike.

BionX Road Bikes For Avid Cyclists

Road bikes are generally distinguished by a low, sporty riding position. The handlebars curve downward, and the brakes are usually vertically positioned. The frames are large, and lightweight, and the wheels are large and thin. Sometimes, installing the BionX electric conversion kit doubles the weight of the bike due to their super light frame. Still, a BionX Road Bike tends to be much lighter and faster than other BionX bikes.

The best place to mount the battery on a BionX Road Bike is on the water bottle mount in the center of the frame. This ensures equal weight distribution between the Lithium battery and the hub motor. There is also an option to mount the battery on a rack over the rear wheel, if it's necessary to keep your water bottles in place. Though it tends to weigh the bike down in the bike, the rear-rack battery looks pretty sleek, and allows the rider to add additional gear to the rack.

The electric motor wheel needs a bike with 135 mm dropouts. On a road bike, we like to replace the thin road tires with thicker Kevlar tires, since the motor has so much more torque. On a BionX road bike, the motor wheel will typically be slightly larger than the original wheel, so we recommend getting a matching front wheel (if you care that much about aesthetics).

When purchasing a custom BionX motor kit to install on a road bike with drop handlebars, be sure to select the in-line brake sensor. This sensor ensures that regenerative braking will still engage, even with vertical brake levers. The in-line brake sensor is installed on the bare brake cable itself, so there is no hassle drilling into those expensive road bike levers.

Road bike riders are usually die-hard bike riders, so a BionX electric bike kit is the best option if you love to pedal. The four levels of assistance mean your BionX road bike will still function like a regular bike, but you can kick in some extra motor power if you need it.

Check out the BionX electric motor kits in our stock, and build your own BionX road bike

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