BionX Electric Bike Conversion: The Trike

BionX Electric Bike Conversion: The Trike

BionX Electric Bike Conversion: The Trike

The BionX electric bike conversion kit is one of the best motor kits for bicycles on the market. With a smart pedal-assist motor, it still feels like riding a bike, except that you're getting gently pushed along. For long, open stretches of road or on a steep hill, the throttle is a nice touch to get that burst of speed. It's the most versatile electric bike kit available, so what is the best bike to install it on?

We've been converting bicycles to electric bikes for a long time, and the BionX electric conversion is the most popular conversion we offer. We've done everything from BionX recumbents, to BionX folding bikes, to BionX road bikes. Almost any bike can be converted, with a few exceptions. The BionX electric kit even works on a 3-wheeled trike, and many people opt to go for this amazing conversion.

There are two types of trikes: the standard trike with one front wheel and two rear wheels, or the tadpole trike, which has two front wheels and one rear wheel. Since the BionX electric bike kit needs to mount in the motor wheel, it is only compatible with the tadpole trike. This setup allows the motor to power the bike from the rear wheel, while the two front wheels provide additional stability.

BionX Tadpole Trike

This BionX trike is set up with two wheels in the front and one in the rear. It is typically a recumbent position, where the rider sits back and pedals forward. The chain stretches back to the rear wheel, where the BionX electric motor supplies power. In this setup, the most convenient place to put the battery is on a rear rack over the hub motor wheel. With dual front wheels, there is added stability for the rear motor wheel, and the recumbent position means this is one of the most comfortable rides you can build.

Want to build a BionX trike of your own? Pick out a tadpole trike that works best for your style of riding, and then you can check out all of the different kinds of BionX electric motor kits in our stock. If you still need help picking out a trike, you can always contact us for more help!

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