BionX powered Waw Velomobile
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BionX powered Waw Velomobile

BionX powered Waw VelomobileHello Bert ,
A few pictures, mainly of my 11 year old youngest son who thinks the WAW with Bionx and throttle control is out of this world!. We fitted it together, getting the wheel in place took some persuasion but thanks to Brendan's help we got there in the end. Control fitted on handlebar.

Trial on (nearly) empty car park next to East Kent Audi, sure to have had more fun than those punters test driving the latest illusion! Bionx real bonus for me without 'ligfiets spieren' (E:recumbent muscles), Impressive stability and control.
If only UK roads did not have soooo many potholes! Tomorrow 6 am test drive to work ( Chartham-Maidstone ( ~24 miles).

I have made wonderful movie of Brendan driving the WAW but is 41 MB . (see below)

Many thanks for all your support and all your efforts

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