BionX P250 economy electric motor powered bike system

BionX P250 economy electric motor powered bike system

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Item # EP-CO-BNX-P250

The Bionx P250 is the standard in conversion kits with a 250W motor and a 24V NiMH battery and is the most affordable Bionx set-up. Suited best for the average rider with basic needs.

This item has been discontinued. For the new, long-range Lithium kit, check out the BionX PL250
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For that essential boost of electric enhancement on your bike, the Bionx P250 offers a 250W motor and a 24V NiMH battery. This kit is great for basically any rider looking for the enhancement of an electric bike. Converting your bike to electric with the Bionx P250 system will make your commute quicker, take the strain out of longer trips and hills, and make riding a whole lot more fun!

The control console is easy to operate, with two main buttons to increase or decrease the amount of assistance to the bike. The lowest assistance setting gives a nice boost after a few pedals, and while cranked up to the highest setting your pedaling will trigger a rather powerful thrust. Below the assistance settings you can always pedal with no assistance or dip down into regenerative mode. In regenerative mode, and whenever the brakes are used, the battery will actually use the wheel resistance to get a little more charged up. Use this going down hills to get a longer life out of your battery, but don't forget to plug it in at home to fully charge up!

 The Bionx P250 is the most affordable Bionx kit and is perfectly suited for most riders. This is an acessible and exciting option for someone looking to convert a bike. The P250 offers riders the option of getting to a destination faster, with less effort, and while still being friendly to the environment.

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The Bionx Warranty

Bionics P250 Electric Bike Conversion System
Maximum Speed20mph
Torque7 Newton-meters/25 peak
Weight18 lbs. total
Motor TypeDirect drive generative wheel motor (gearless - brushless)
Motor Power250 watts/450 watts peak
Battery24 volt NiMH battery
ChargerNiMH Bionx charger
The Bionx Warranty
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  • Bionx
  • warranty
  • is
  • another
  • source
  • of
  • comfort
  • for
  • electric
  • bike
  • riders.
  • Bionx
  • covers
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  • motor
  • and
  • control
  • console
  • for
  • 2
  • years.
  • The
  • battery
  • has
  • a
  • one-year
  • warranty
  • against
  • any
  • manufacturer?s
  • defects
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  • material
  • or
  • workmanship,
  • making
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  • Bionx
  • warranty
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  • extensive
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  • market."

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