BionX SL350 48V, Premium Electric Bike Motor Kit

BionX SL350 48V, Premium Electric Bike Motor Kit

Item # EP-CO-BNX-350-48

The 48 volt BionX SL350 motor kit is an upgrade in power and range from the PL350. It is the classic BionX motor kit offering excellent power and proven technology. This is a great kit for heavy riders, riders with lots of steep hills, or folks who need to pull a trailer.



Freewheel (needed for most bikes)

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BionX's premium electric bike kit is the 48V SL350. The 48V system is 20% lighter than a standard 36V BionX SL350. The "XL" stands for "Extra Long" meaning the battery range lasts longer than any other BionX kit. Did we mention the 48-Volt Lithium battery? Crafted in partnership with Samsung, this higher voltage provides a quicker power transfer for a more responsive system.

Bionx 48V SL350 features:

  • 20% Lighter than standard SL350 (15 lbs)
  • 48 Volt Lithium battery for better response and power transfer
  • New G2 console has larger screen and easier button access

Bionx image

The 48V BionX SL350 is one of the best electric bike motor kits around. It has all of the same great features as the standard BionX systems like torque-sensitive pedal-assistance, a powerful throttle, and regenerative braking. Now lighter than ever, it is a breeze to convert your bicycle to an electric bike.

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Fitting the kit to your bike

The Bionx Warranty

Bionx PL350 48V Electric Bike Conversion kit
Maximum Speed20mph
Torque10 Newton-meters/32 peak
Weight16.1 lbs total for Down Tube system. 18.9 lbs for rear rack system
Motor TypeDirect drive generative wheel motor (gearless - brushless)
Motor Power350 watts/700 watts peak
Battery48 volt L-ion battery
Battery Dimensions13 x 7 x 3.5 inches
ChargerLi-ion Bionx charger

We don't have currently any specific accessories for this product listed, please refer to the parts and accessories section.
BionX electric bike conversion kit review by Extra energy

Review by

BionX is Both, Electric and Exercise

With four assist and four regen modes, BionX is a pedelec system and a training tool. Canadian manufacturer EPS is preparing to sell the compact hub drive unit also in Europe.

In September 2004, Canadian Electric Power Systems manufacturer EPS presented the pedelec hub drive system BionX for the first time in Europe. It was exhibited at IFMA in Cologne, Germany and Vel Expo Ticino in Lugano, Switzerland.

The 250 Watt hub motor including power sensor and electronics comes in a ready-to-use rear wheel. The 8 Ah, 34 V NiMH battery is located in a compact battery box. To mount the system to any regular bicycle one only needs to exchange the rear wheel and attach the battery box to the frame. To do so, one simply uses the bottle holder screw holes to mount the battery holder.

On the display at the handlebar the user switches on and off the electric system, the light, and chooses the riding mode. There are four assistance modes ("A" modes): 25, 50, 100, or 200 percent. Four 'G' modes are energy regeneration options. The higher the resistance, the more energy is generated to recharge the battery. Also shown on the display are cumulative kilometers, speed, and battery data such as cycles, special happenings (deep discharge etc.).

The entire electric bike system weights 6.6 kg. The motor, controller, cables and display weigh 2.5 kg, and the battery 4.1 kg. This makes the BionX the most compact power sensor system for pedelecs, which is not from Japan. It does not only make riding easier, in the G-modes it can also be used as a training tool. The range even more depends on the rider and his/her preferences than with other systems. Not regarding the regen modes, EPS states 30 to 70 km (20 to 50 miles) range on one battery charge.

The gearless electric bicycle kit has proven to be absolutely silent. Due to its construction it does not work in combination with a coaster brake or gear hub jet.

Nick Ryan's Ride, BionX 350W electric bike kit

Dear Bert

It works! And boy does it work - it is fantastic! Thanks very much for all your help in answering my various emails so promptly and helpfully, and of course for sorting out my order.

You can probably understand that I was a little nervous of buying the kit - I am on the other side of the Atlantic and was buying it without being able to try it out. I am delighted to say the BionX kit performs superbly - even the charger!

You may recall that I have a bit of a disability and am recovering from an operation on my leg in April, and am still using a walking stick to walk. Even when I am fully recovered, my knee will only bend to about 90 degrees and my leg will always be weak, so you can see just how useful it is for me to have a electric motor for bicycle - I love cycling and it is the best (just about the only) exercise for my knee and for my leg, but I struggle up hills and into winds.

These links may give you a bit more of an idea -
General stuff about my leg
My modified crank By way of warning

I did a lot of research into electric bike conversion kits online as well as here in England. I tried out an eBike in the UK which confirmed to me that an electric bike was the way to go, but I didn't like the quality of the bike compared to my existing Trek, and wanted the freedom of a kit so that I could change bikes later if I wanted to. Having tried both, I can say that I made the right decision.

The only kit that seemed to do what I wanted was the BionX PL350: it keeps the bike a bike without adding masses of weight; it gives pedal assist as well as throttle control; the package seemed to be very well thought out indeed as I did not want something that I would have to mess around with to keep working - the list goes on which I am sure you know. However, it was still a step into the unknown for me as I could not try the kit out first but I am delighted to say it fits the bill perfectly, and I do not understand some comments I have read on various forums about it being no good up hills as I can pedal up most of the ones around here (with full assist) in top gear! I think it helps that I and my bike are light and that I have 25mm wide slick tires - maybe those who don't like the kit are very heavy, on heavy mountain bikes with fat tires.

I also tried to research the shops selling the kit - I am sure you can appreciate that I was a little nervous about sending all that money to a shop I had never been to! Luckily, Bionx recommended you to me and various comments on forums echoed that.

Anyway, this is just a long email to say thanks for your help and to congratulate you and Bionx on selling such a fantastic product - I don't think I have ever said that to anyone before about anything, but this really does open up a new world for me as you can appreciate from the links to my website.

Thanks and regards
Nick Ryan, UK


The Bionx continues to impress me and does just what I need.

I was out on it this morning cycling up and down some hills on maximum assist (up!) or generation (down!) and it cut out on me but maybe it had just got a little hot? The motor was warm to the touch but seemed OK. Anyway, I turned it off for 5 minutes and then it was fine and, the joy of being light, I was able to carry on in the meantime - although it came as a bit of a reminder as to just how much assistance the Bionx gives! I cycled just short of 20 miles in two goes and there's no way I could cycle that distance at the moment without the Bionx.

Everyone who's seen it has been impressed by the neatness of the whole thing, although it's amazing how many people think it can give assistance whilst you cycle along charging it...

Thanks again, Nick

BionX 350W


Love my BionX 350W Lithium bike system that your shop installed on 9/24/07. My commute times on the same bike went from 55" to 37" (to work) and from 1'15" to 45" (home). By comparison, my compute to work by car is 27" and 27-35" from work by car. So I am only 10 minutes slower getting to work in the morning with my Bionx. In the evening I am only 10-15" slower getting home. This reduction in time makes the bicycle a much more appealing commuting tool especially in this hectic tristate area.

After looking into getting an electric motor for bicycle for more than 4 months, I am glad that I decided on the BionX motor kit, it is really great. Thank you very much for your advise. I still get a great cardiovascular workout with the Bionx but the hills (very hilly section of New Jersey) are less brutal.

Great product!

Brian, New Jersey

Camping in Finland with a BionX Recumbent

Olli Pekkanen, our customer from Finland, installed a BionX Electric Conversion kit on his recumbent. He now uses it for work and recreation, towing his entire campsite behind him!


Thank you for delivering my BionX components. Included are a few photos of my bike. I use it daily on my way to work, 25 miles per day, and also on my camping trips, which is my hobby.

BionX in not very well-known in Finland and a lot of Finnish cyclists have been interested in my new BionX recumbent.

Best regards,

Olli Pekkanen

BionX on a Tour Easy recumbent

My name is Lou and I have a tour easy recumbent bike that is very comfortable to ride but it can be tough climbing steep hills.

My wife likes to ride with me but she has bad knees. So I got the Bionx system for her bike and she loved it. Now she can keep up with me.

When I tried her bike I thought this would be just what I need to help me climb those steep hills on my recumbent as well.

Installation was easy and now, at 62 years old, I use my bike to go just about anywhere thanks to the Bionx system.

The picture of the blue bike is my wife's Day 6 with a BionX electric bike system on it. 250 watt, Lithium.

Many thanks Bert, I took the BionX powered Tour Easy on a ride today and it was Great.

Lou Algaze

Syd's Bionx electric bike kit review

Attached are some photos of the final product of the two bikes that we purchased and converted to BionX with the 350 motors.

We purchased two Specialized Hybrid bikes (one for me and one for my wife from the local bike shop here in CA) Retail ~$400.00.
Purchased 2 BionX 350 kits from NYCeWheels via the Internet, cost ~$1700.00 complete
Converted the two bikes with purchased kits. Total ~$2K each and we got bikes that are very comfortable and fit us well. What we found, was most 'already sold as electric bikes' were too big in the frame for my wife and I. The method of retrofitting, allowed us to select bikes that we really like and then converted them using electric bike motor kits.
I did not want to advertise for BionX (I thought it looked cheesy for a $2K retro-kit), so I removed all of the labels on the battery housing, lightly sanded and painted flat black to match the bike frames. Looks bitchen, huh?
Most people have no idea that these are electric bikes, they think that the rear hub is some kind of shifter or something.
I purchased a Yakima Hold-Up rack system for the rear of my Jeep and now we can take our bikes anywhere.

I live along the North Central Coast of CA and are beginning to see more and more electric bike conversions out and about. I have to say, the set-up in the attached photos are probably the nicest ones that I have seen (no bias.)

The folks at NYCeWheels were great to work with and I definitely recommend them, their high integrity and extremely high level of customer support.

Syd W.

Thanks Syd!

Steve's Bionx PL350 review

Steve lives in Phoenix, Arizona and owns a Bionx PL350.

I am having a great time with my Bionx conversion. It's only 2 miles to work, but when the temperature goes over 100 here in Phoenix the bike gets me to work without breaking a sweat. When the wind is blowing, the motor assist makes it appear to always be at my back. It's like some big invisible friend pushing me along, no matter what the daily obstacle is. In fact I could only ride to work on "certain" days without it, and now it's everyday.

I attached some baskets to the rear rack, and now it's doing it's duty to the grocery store and back. The Bionx kit has transformed my bike into the main transportation vehicle in my life. I recently picked up a Burly trailer from Craigslist for trips to places like the lumberyard. It's amazing what a versatile form of transportation my old Schwinn has become. My Honda sits in the garage. I have to remind myself to drive it once a week or so, to keep it in shape. My fuel consumption has practically become zero.

Recently Phoenix got some Light-Rail running about 2 blocks from my apartment and I thought this would make a great alternative to my bike for longer distances. Turns out, it isn't an alternate, the bike and light-rail go together in a great combination. The center section of the train is for Bikes! So now my range has been greatly extended. I roll the bike onto the train and it's off to Tempe or Mesa to explore!

I can't tell you enough what a great change this has been, and it wouldn't have been possible without Bionx, and your wonderful support and service. I have been meaning to thank you for quite some time now, so I finally got off my bike to write you this.

Thanks for everything,
Steve in Phoenix

Several people at work were very skeptical when I first began riding to work. They thought the light on my helmet was pretty funny. After a few months of silently zooming away after work they became intrigued and a couple now are becoming very inquisitive. I think the tougher economic times are putting the squeeze on a lot of us. The money I'm saving is more than I thought it would be and the bike will have paid for itself late this year. This has created some serious interest from a couple of co-workers now. I keep telling them, "All you have to do, is give Bert a call at NYCeWheels." You should be hearing from them one of these days I think....

Giuseppes review of his BionX PL 250 (250 Watt Lithium electric motor system)

Hi Bert,
I wanted to thank you again for the great help you and your team gave me in choosing the right BionX system. You were right. Installing it on my bike was quite easy. The instructions you gave me plus the ones in the kit were very clear. I have also discovered some videos on the web on the installation. I am delighted about the BionX electric bike system. I can finally commute to the office every day (about 15 km in total) without fearing the steep hill on the way back home! I have finally found the way to do some sport every day. I strongly recommend this electric bike kit. It gives you the 'feeling of flying' and it is there to help you when you are tired or in a hurry. The only suggestion I would give to new buyers is to take the BionX PL350 W kit, if they are 1.90 meter tall for 90 kilos like me. I took the 250 W Li and noticed that the autonomy is a bit lower than what declared on the manual, probably due to my weight plus the weight of the bike + BionX kit + the back pack with PC I take to the office.

I have attached pictures of my loyal Italian ATALA city bike, now proudly fitting the BionX electric bike conversion!

Thanks again for your help.
Giuseppe from Geneva (Switzerland).

Steve's Dahon Vitesse BionX electric conversion

Thanks so much for helping me get the 250W BionX system you sold me installed on my Dahon Speed D7. I installed it yesterday and went for my first ride today in the Texas heat and humidity. The system makes the hills seem nearly flat and will definitely contribute to me getting more bike-riding exercise than I would have without the electric assist.

Steve L.
Austin, TX

With some more riding under his belt, Steve has updated us with another great review:

I have a Dahon Speed D7 on which I installed a 250W Bionx system purchased from you. I've put about 350 miles on it in recreational riding since June of 2008, about 8 months ago. This was a very good investment for me, both in terms of fun and exercise. Just like the brochure says, having a Bionx kit really does make you want to ride more. I generally ride around Austin on one of the hike and bike trails (some are cement and some decomposed granite), bike lanes, and sidewalks, though of course in strictly residential areas I'm comfortable using the street without bike lanes. I'm 60 and had heart stents put in nearly 4 years ago, after which I increased my daily walks for exercise. The bike lets me change my form of exercise.

I generally take weekend morning rides up to 22 miles or so over a 2 hour period. Only once have I ended up with a drained battery according to the meter, though in fact I didn't fully run out of juice. Often I combine my rides with errands to the hardware store, market, etc., thus cutting down my gasoline usage. I've gone to the neighborhood pool, the library, and other places also, but many times I just ride for the fun of it. With spring approaching I'll be taking more regular rides than I did over the winter. When the weather turns nice, I can't resist the urge to take a ride.

Once in a while I'll turn off the Bionx electric kit as I don't think I'm really using it much, and then I notice how much I am using it. It really smooths out the ride. I started out by setting it to level 4 (200% assistance) but now generally leave it at level 2 (50% assistance), once in a while going to level 3 (100% assistance) if I see a big hill up ahead. My biggest hill is the one back to my house, so after 2 hours in the saddle I'm glad to have a boost to help me make it home without draining MY battery. It took a few rides to get used to the smaller wheels on this bike, but I've had it up to 39 mph (going down a steep hill) without incident. Obviously I can't pedal that fast with the gearing I have. I really like the 'jackrabbit' starts I get when taking off when the light turns green. I feel quite comfortable in auto lanes at lights, since I can scoot across the intersection quite rapidly. Thanks for selling me such a fun product! Need an electric motor for bicycle, get the BionX, you will not regret it.

Gary's Bionx conversion kit review

Bert and team,

I want to thank all of you for your help in determining the right Bionx electric kit and accessories I needed for my recumbent (Longbikes Slipstream). I did some research prior to selecting the Bionx electric system and after the installation, set up, and initial rides I am very glad I went with your store and the Bionx system. The system was fairly easy to install with the installation of the rear wheel being the most critical and hardest part. If someone does not feel comfortable with the installation of the rear wheel once they read the instructions I would recommend they bring it to you or their local bike shop and have them install it. The routing of the wires and control set up was a breeze. On my initial power up and test ride I was very surprised at the power of the system. I live in middle Tennessee and there are many rolling hills. Not major climbs but hilly enough that with my weight on a recumbent I am usually in first gear crawling up hills. I no longer have to put it into first to make it up over a hill, now even on my longest climb I am in the middle ring on my front hub and in 6th or 7th speed of the 9 speed sprocket.

I use the bike to commute back and forth to work and even when I was in shape, the most I could make was 3 days in a row before my legs were to hammered to make it another day. With the Bionx system I foresee me riding to work at least 4 days/week and still being able to make it out for my long rides on the weekend. I have not gone totally green, I won?t ride in rain, ice, or snow and the roads I ride on are not really safe on Fridays, but the rest of the time I am planning on riding.

Again THANK YOU for all your help


Dahon Matrix with BionX electric drive system|MatronX

With 26" wheels, the Dahon Matrix is a full sized folding bike manufactured by Dahon. It has 24 speeds (3 spd. front derailleur and rear 8) and weighs about 30 pounds. What makes this bike great, is it has a road bike look and feel, but with folding aspects, ready to be unlocked with the included hex key. The Matrix folding bike I rode was equipped with the 350 watt BionX electric motor kit, which made navigating through the New York streets not only easy, but fun.

Dahon Matrix | BionX electric motor

The tires and suspension added for a smooth, comfortable ride, and with 24 speeds, it was no problem picking up speed, even with the BionX kit off! When it comes time to fold the bike, you just make about one rotation with the key in two joints, and its done! With the same key used to unlock it, you can also remove the handlebars so that you have more compact of a fold. The pedals are also removable with the assistance of a standard wrench. Although the folding process is both fast and easy, the fold itself isn't as compact or efficient as some of its folding brethren. It is, however, fitting for a rider who's need for speed outweighs a need for space. In other words, if you only need the bike to fold compact enough for the trunk of a car, your apartment, or workspace, the Matrix BionX is perfect for you; you get a full-size fit and comfortable ride.

BionX electric motor kit installed on Dahon Matrix folding bike The BionX kit has 4 possible levels of assistance, ranging from 25 to 200%; this meaning that as I pedaled, it would assist me, up to 200%, or until I hit 20 MPH. The throttle, which is used only for (but not limited to) short bursts of speed, was kept handy for starting out, tight spots, and yellow lights. As slowing down is a priority on this bike, it is obviously befitting for the bike to have a regenerative braking feature as well. If I were to have to progressively slow down, for a hill, for instance, I can just set the regenerative mode to brake for me, and as it slows, it also recharges the battery. If I just need to hit the handbrake,the BionX bike kit system momentarily kicks the regenerative braking mode in until I let off.

Folded up Dahon Matrix folding bike with BionX electric bicycle motor kit

Personally, I liked to keep the Matrix electric bike in second (front) gear, and adjust through the 8 spds. and skip to a higher third (front) later; but depending on your strength, you can start out in 1st or 3rd. Riding at a comfortable speed with the 2nd level assist was more than enough to keep me at speed, and the regenerative brakes that recharged when engaged, kept me from speeding past taxi cabs. All in all, this bike is a perfect marriage of comfort from a full-sized electric bike, and functionality from a folding bike.

BionX PL350|UK Rider

I bought this BionX PL350 from California a year ago.Initial use was hampered by a bum charger and poor customer support.
But I switched allegiance to NYCewheels and things have been fab since then. It goes a 14 mile round trip daily 4x per week over the highest point in London, with ease. A cheap buzz is passing the lycra crew up hills, silently whilst peddling and looking mildly puzzled at their frustrated faces.

I was a fit conventional cyclist til about 5 years ago when one day going up said hill in Hampstead I felt a give in my right knee.The MRI showed wear and tear.As a Doctor myself I took this as a warning and decided on electric bikes as they take off the knee pressure on hills.

Lets say I have had a series of inadequate bikes before this King of Bikes, the BIONX.It has already paid for itself and if it does die, I will replace it immediately via BERT and crew at NYCeWheels.'

Happy riding
Dr Alastair Sutcliffe London UK

Review by John Sinclair at

Review by

We were in a bicycle store looking at racks and panniers when they called and said our KMX recumbent trike had arrived, albeit at a different store some 50 miles away! Santa Claus came through at the last moment, and within an hour we had the KMX safely in the back of our rental car.

Of course, we were fooling ourselves thinking that it would stay all nicely boxed up till we got back to Norway. On Christmas Eve we opened everyone's presents, then on my mother's hall floor we pulled it out of the box and carefully put it together. Even standing still the KMX looks like it is fun fun fun to ride.
The ride from Cam's school bus stop to the Language school is a little hilly in places, and so while we were researching recumbent bikes I stumbled upon electrified recumbent bikes, and the little gears in my head started turning...

There is a company in Canada called Bionx, who makes this super cool electric assistance kit for bicycles of all shapes and sizes. The heart of the matter is replacing your back wheel with theirs which has a powerful hub motor installed. Coupled together with a sizable Lithium battery pack, and a smart electronic controller you get varying levels of assistance depending on what you enter on the console mounted on the handlebars. Say for instance you feel particularly lazy one morning, you can tell it to boost your pedal power by 300% (or 25%, 50%, 100%). The sensors in the hub motor measure how much force you are pedaling with and then compensate by adding the extra power from the hub motor.

The really neat thing is if you are feeling particularly virtuous another morning and feel like a workout you can ask the Bionx console to apply an increased level of resistance to your pedaling, thus giving you a harder workout than usual and recharging the battery at the same time! (this same regenerative charging occurs when you apply the brakes on the bike, and can account for 10-15% extra charge returned to the battery pack.)

So we ordered the kit from a store in New York and it arrived about a week after we got the KMX. In order to make it fit within the frame of Yessie we had to do some minor modifications: the battery pack and controller was stripped out of it's original containers and resealed in electrical tape. We then mounted the battery pack to the frame of he KMX by drilling and mounting two right angle bracket, then using some straightened duct clamps, secured it in place. Conveniently enough the controller fit snugly in behind the webbing of the seat, and all the cable were neatly tie wrapped in place.

We had a tricky situation trying to mount the console on the KMX 'handlebars', but as luck would have it, the placement worked perfectly below the gearshift. We had opted for the console with the throttle, which allows you to bypass the assistance monitoring and just use the motor when you really need it: steep steep hills or just for fun. (The console is set to only deliver assistance or boost up to 20kmph, but that is more than enough when you are only 15cm from the ground. And there is actually a software crack available on the web to remove the speed limit if you so desire.)

At full right hand turn the throttle hits the side of your thighs and you end up going a little faster than you expected as the boost kicks in, so we had to get a bit brutal with the hacksaw and trimmed about half of it off. It's still perfectly functional, and much safer now.

So there you have it, the KMX conversion to Bionx electric assistance took about 3 hours to complete, with minimal effort and materials. And the end result has made the KMX that little bit more practical on the hills, and a lot more fun on the flats. We added a rack and panniers, lights/reflectors, security lock and a neat trip computer, so Yessie is fully functional mode of transport for Elsa. Everyday they go back and forth to school, come rain or shine... which given that we are in Norway, usually means in the rain more often than not.

BionX Go-One electric Velo conversion

To the left is a photo I like from the Go-One's public debut here in Portland, OR. It was quite the attention-getter.
I wasn't using the BionX electric system for this, since I just received it. 18 miles with the kid, the Burley trailer and the Go-One through the hills of Portland was quite a challenge. We made it though. Really made me appreciate the value of the assist! the way, Bert, I have to disagree with your initial assessment of the suitability of the BionX PL-350 for my application. I live in Portland, OR, which is well known for its hills. Two weekends ago, I was taking my 9-month-old son (picture below) into downtown Portland. He was in his car seat in his Burley bike trailer, attached to my BionX-powered Go-One. I found myself going up a 5% incline hill in downtown Portland. I didn't want to block traffic, so I hit the throttle on the Go-One and put the hammer down on the pedals.

It was like I had been shot out of a rocket! I cleared the high-traffic zone without slowing any drivers down, while pulling over 45 kilos behind my 40-kilo Go-One, powered by my 84-kilo 45-year-old self! I never even hit my max heart rate (something I did regularly when pulling the boy behind my road bike). That would not have been possible without the BionX. An acquaintance of mine, who happens to be a bike racer, saw me from two blocks away and tried to catch me, coming up the same hill. I was able to pull away from him on the Go-One, thanks to the BionX's capabilities.

Based on this experience, I think you can tell potential BionX customers that it can handle even substantial hills with aplomb!

Portland, Oregon

Thanks for all your help. The BionX is great
Go One USA
Custom BionX electric motor kit for the Go-One for bicycles.

BionX powered Waw Velomobile

Hello Bert ,
A few pictures, mainly of my 11 year old youngest son who thinks the WAW with Bionx and throttle control is out of this world!. We fitted it together, getting the wheel in place took some persuasion but thanks to Brendan's help we got there in the end. Control fitted on handlebar.

Trial on (nearly) empty car park next to East Kent Audi, sure to have had more fun than those punters test driving the latest illusion! Bionx real bonus for me without 'ligfiets spieren' (E:recumbent muscles), Impressive stability and control.
If only UK roads did not have soooo many potholes! Tomorrow 6 am test drive to work ( Chartham-Maidstone ( ~24 miles).

I have made wonderful movie of Brendan driving the WAW but is 41 MB . (see below)

Many thanks for all your support and all your efforts

Get the BionX bike kit for your own bike.

Will Schlein, a Bionx kit owner

The below article is from the Homer News in Homer, Alaska:

Thrill Hill. Baycrest. Bartlett Street and Kachemak Way. All around Homer, like a 500-foot wall, steep hills create barriers for people looking to bicycles as a transportation alternative. For anyone not in peak shape, biking from sea level to anywhere up on the Homer bench means shifting into the granny gears and grinding away. People with creaky knees or bad hips might not even try.

Homer bike commuter Will Schlein gave up his car this spring, and put his money into a BionX electric motor. Mounted on his mountain bike's rear hub, and with a 36-volt lithium battery and 350-watt motor, the BionX gives him an extra boost. Pedal to start, flick a switch and the motor turns on silently.

"It makes you feel like Superman," Schlein said. "I just keep going. You feel like you're pedaling effortlessly."

A governor keeps the motor below 20 mph, preserving a BionX bike's legal status as a bicycle. The system adds about 17 pounds of weight. The motor and hub comes on a bicycle wheel with spokes. Installation involves putting on a bike's gear cluster and changing the tire and tube. The battery mounts on the water-bottle mount of the bike frame or on a rear rack.

BionX, a Canadian firm, makes four models with either 250-watt or 350-watt gearless, magnetic drive motors and nickel-hydride or lithium-ion batteries. Prices range from about $1,095 for a 250-watt nickel-hydride battery system to $1,695 for a 350-watt, lithium-ion system.

With an optional throttle, the BionX can be run like an electric bike, with no pedaling. Schlein recommended pedaling a BionX bike anyway, since running just on the motor drains the battery faster. With pedaling, the motor can provide an assist of from 25 to 300 percent. At its lowest power, the assist compensates for the extra weight of the battery and motor.

Schlein hasn't had a working car for about a year. The BionX gives him one less excuse not to ride a bike and to get the physical enjoyment that comes from regular exercise.

"I'm happiest when my car is broken," Schlein said. "So now my car is permanently broken."

That's an advantage with electric-assist bikes. People sometimes get lazy and don't get out on their bikes the road is too steep or the ride is too long. A BionX also makes it easy to keep a steady heart rate, or stay in a cardiovascular fitness zone, he said. Big hills don't wear out the rider.

"Sure, you get exercise. You get more than you usually would," he said. "It's a lot of fun. You look forward to getting on it."

A sealed case protects the motor and battery from rain and road spray. The battery is good down to minus 5 degrees Fahrenheit. It should be taken off and stored at warm temperatures inside an added anti-theft precaution. It takes about three hours to recharge the battery using an AC charger. The motor can be set in charge mode while pedaling a bike, and a control box keeps track of the charge left in a battery. The battery also recharges when coasting downhill, and the rear motor acts as a brake. Depending on the model and the percent of boost, the battery lasts for 16 to 60 miles. Schlein estimates it costs about a nickel a mile to recharge.

Steep hills like Baycrest require a little more work, Schlein said. He's driven his BionX electric bike out to McNeil Canyon on East End Road, but needed to ration his battery charge at certain points. Shorter trips would be easier. Schlein averages about 20 mph on his rides.

"You could commute to work from Fritz Creek (at Mile 6 East End Road)," he said. "It's awesome for going out to the Spit in a head wind makes it a piece of cake," he added.

Despite the high cost about the price of some gas-powered scooters Schlein said the BionX bike is a lot cheaper than a Toyota Prius. It's also a way for him to reduce his carbon footprint something he helped Cook InletKeeper do when Schlein researched buying a gas-hybrid Ford Escape for the Homer environmental organization.

"To me, it's supporting a technology that can hopefully get us out of our quagmire which is being addicted to fossil fuel," Schlein said. "Everybody has to change their lifestyle. I had to change mine by this."

Bob's Bionx PL350 review

Bob from Durham, North Carolina writes on his Bionx PL350 electric bike kit:

I love it. I'm a commuter, round trip about 10 miles/day. Having the system allows me to ride just about every day. Over two years I've put over 2000 miles on it. The savings in gas is not all that much for me, but the savings on parking permit makes a huge difference. Aside from the health benefits of riding, the cost savings will have paid for the system in about three years. That's pretty good!

Deborah's Bionx PL250 review

I love my BionX electric bike! It makes all the difference in the world to me. I give private piano lessons in New York City and I go to apartments all over the upper east and west sides of the city. I used to ride my bike without the BionX battery, but I would get tired and also, I would arrive at my students' apartments rather sweaty, not quite the picture of professionalism I would like to be. I also found myself apprehensive about teaching certain students not because I didn't enjoy the lessons, but because they lived some place that involved my pedaling up a hill! Clearly, this was affecting my work.

Now, having an electric bike, I'm happy to go anywhere. I can schedule my lessons 15 minutes apart, save money, feel good, see the scenery (as I try to route myself through the parks as much as possible and stay away from cars as much as I can), and arrive fresh as a daisy!

I dislike the cars immensely. I think the city should ban all cars except cabs, and people should use cabs or public transportation, or, as I have done (and I'm close to 60), ride bikes. An electric bike makes this so much more possible, but people are justly afraid of the cars.

I give my fellow New Yorkers the gift of clean air. People driving cars give me the gift of pollution. New York - get with the program! We are really in the dark ages compared to many European cities in this respect.

Deborah Fortier, New York, New York

Felt with BionX electric bike motor, awesome conversion

The bike started as a Felt 68 Hotwheels 50th Anniversary Edition. I added the PL 500 BionX Motor Kit, had to drill the frame for some rivent nuts, but other than that it's a really simple build, and even the rivnuts were easy.

You're right about riding it without the assist, it's a TANK. Well above 50 lbs. before the motor and battery. It's close to 70 now. And those tires, 24x3.0! But they sure help smooth the ride--The thing'll top out around 28mph (and hold it there) on flat ground--It would do more on a 'regular' bike, but this is fine for me and my commute.

Doing those speeds, I also upgraded the brakes from generic cable-actuated to avid hydraulics--Finding a bike with disk mounts was a primary criteria, and this is really the only 'cruiser' with them. 28mph on regular canti's pushing 70lbs would be stupid.

I also prefer the original seat, but one of the bolts pulled through the base, and since it's a limited edition, it's takin' some time to get a replacement--I had this other one lying around.

All in all, it seems like it will make my commute nice and enjoyable--It's only 18 miles round trip, and when it cools off and if I'm not in a rush, I'll take my BionX powered cervelo, but for the most part the ebike will be my motorcycle stop-gap for a year or two. Even then, it's hard to argue with not paying for gas, insurance, or parking.

BionX on Dahon MuP8, build by Rich

Rich bought a Dahon MuP8 with the BionX electric motor kit from us last year. Here is what he had to say about the system:

I purchased my Dahon MuP8 with the BionX 36 Volt 350 Watt system from NYCeWheels in late 2008. I have logged over a thousand miles and have been completely satisfied with the performance of the bicycle and NYCeWheels' service. The Dahon/BionX combination works very well together and because the Dahon is collapsible, it fits easily in the trunk (with room left over for my golf clubs and gym bag) and is available anytime I want to go for a ride. Loading and unloading is quite manageable as the battery is easily removed from the bike which makes it light enough for almost anyone to manage. I have found that the battery endurance performs better than expected. On longer trips I can get 40+ miles on a charge with an assistance level of 2 while maintaining an average 11 mph (and I'm 200+ lbs).

My experience dealing with the NYCeWheels staff has been excellent. I've had two problems since I purchased the Dahon/BionX and they were both handled with an immediate response and a ready solution.

The combination of compact portability, light weight and battery assistance gives me a bicycle for any occasion. A totally leisure ride can be enjoyed with battery assistance or a great workout can be had by reducing or eliminating the assistance. Hills and headwinds are no longer a barrier to where or when I want to travel and if I need to get to or get away from somewhere in a hurry I can throttle up and effortlessly speed along at 20mph.


Decatur, Illinois

Read more about the BionX electric bike motor kit

My Mom on her BionX PL350 in Oesterreich (Austria)

I am 73 years young, a sporty type that has hiked, danced, done gymnastics and done biking all my life when a sudden health condition (Heart valve surgery) changed my life.

Because of my son Bert, which sells BionX electric bike systems in the US, I am enjoying biking again. The BionX motor assist allows me to again do day-trips on my bike and enjoy life again.

I highly recommend to anyone with physical challenges to look into this and purchase one of these systems. Also, young folks without challenges will enjoy this electric bike motor kit

Dear Bert, I thank you from all my heart for letting me enjoy my hobby once again.

Your Mom

Translated from:
Bin 73 Jahre alt, sportlich (wandern, tanzen, turnen, radfahren) und plötzlich hat sich mein Leben durch eine Herzoperation (Herzklappe) verändert.

Durch meinen Sohn, der in den USA Manhatten die BionX Elektromotoren für Fahrräder verkauft, habe ich wieder Freude beim Radfahren. Jetzt habe ich die Unterstützung vom Elektromotor und kann wieder mit Freunden oder alleine Ausflüge unternehmen, und wieder so das Leben genießen.

Ich kann nur jedem empfehlen ? der körperlich Probleme hat, auch so ein en Elektromotor zu kaufen ? aber auch junge Leute ohne Behinderung kaufen sich zum Vergnügen so einen Elektromotor.

Lieber Berti, ich danke Dir nochmals von ganzem Herzen, dass ich mein Hobby wieder genießen kann

Deine Mama

BionX review

George recently installed a BionX electric motor kit on his Bianchi Axis. Since road bikes are not a very common conversion, he had to make a very nice custom clamp for the dash panel, as well as a customized brake cutoff, designed specifically for his type of bike. I'm impressed with this electric bike conversion - usually we see mountain bikes or hybrids. Maybe electric road bikes will catch on with avid cyclists. Electric Tour de France? I guess anything's possible.

This bike enables me to keep the car parked and go to work, the university, and shopping without needing a shower when I arrive. The university is surrounded by 30mph zones and on campus it is 20mph. When using the throttle, I have to keep an eye open for speed limits and cops! Awesome!

It took some adapting to get the console fitted for the oversized road bars. The brake magnet was simple enough to attach to the rear brake cable. I squeeze the the brake/shifter lever, and the motor goes into generation mode. The motorized wheel was a breeze to install as well.

Install the BionX Electric Bike kit on your bike

BionX Conversion Kit Comparison

I think there are two kinds of people who are interested in converting their bicycles to use electric power. First, there are the technology lovers who cannot get enough gizmos to mount on their handlebars, and who could never be fulfilled by all the spec sheets a bike shop could offer. Then there are the rest of us, who couldn't tell a volt from a watt if our life depended on it. Of the latter category, I think many see the wonderful potential in having an electric bike--its energy efficiency is astounding, and it allows many to travel to places they wouldn't or couldn't otherwise.

BionX kit completeHowever, it can be frustrating for the non-tech-savvy to compare the detailed differences between different electric conversion systems. Since we here at NYCeWheels want to help you get the exact product that is best for you, I thought I'd break down what you get with each of the BionX systems, and what the different wattage and voltage ratings for each mean for you as a practical user.

Power Doesn't Always Equal Speed

The entry level PL250 BionX kit includes a 250-watt motor and a 24-volt battery. Since the more expensive kits use 350-watt motors, and 36- or even 48-volt batteries, many people assume that these kits will always be "better". And it's true, all other things being equal, the PL350 and SL350 kits are more powerful and would be faster--if it weren't for the fact that all BionX kits top out at about 20mph by design. For legal reasons, electric bike conversion kits tend to be governed at 20mph, since above these speeds the vehicles would no longer by considered simple "bicycles", and would require further licensing.

BionX with disc brakesWhat the increased wattage and voltage does get you, however, is increased power. Practically speaking, this translates into better acceleration and the ability to more easily tow large loads of heavy cargo. Thus, anyone looking for an electric conversion kit to help ascend steep hills, or pull trailers would do well to invest in the higher-level BionX conversion kits.

That said, there are still some other practical advantages to the humble PL250 kit. Due to its smaller battery capacity and stripped down motor, it is the lightest of the three BionX conversion kits. But before you jump to the conclusion that a smaller battery capacity will limit the range of a bike equipped with the PL250, bear in mind that the 250-watt motor requires less power to operate, which helps to conserve battery life. The result is that the BionX PL250 kit achieves a similar range per charge as do its larger cousins with bigger batteries--all while keeping to a svelte 16lb package.

So, to summarize, the PL250:

  • Has the least raw power, acceleration, and battery capacity, BUT the same top speed and range as the other kits
  • Is the lightest kit at 16lbs
  • Is the least expensive
  • Best electric bike kit for: anyone looking to save money, who wants a lightweight setup, and doesn't need to climb lots of hills or pull cargo

Meanwhile, the PL350:

  • Is the heaviest kit, at 19lbs
  • Has the motor that produces the most torque of the three BionX kits
  • Best BionX kit for: anyone who needs to climb the steepest hills and pull heavy cargo, and for whom weight is less of an issue. For example, we used the PL350 motor in one of our biggest, baddest, arguably best electric bike conversions ever, the Surly Pugsley:

Finally, the SL350:

BionX special
  • Is the premium option, with a highly efficient 48v battery
  • Due to its advanced technology, is quite lightweight at 17lbs, but produces slightly less torque than the PL350
  • Best BionX conversion kit for: anyone for whom money is not an object, wants good acceleration, has to tackle hills, and wants to get the most range out of their battery

Hopefully that should answer some of the basic questions you have about BionX kits. Now that you know which conversion system is right for you, head over to the BionX page and order yours today!

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