BionX PL500 high speed electric bike motor kit –

BionX PL500 high speed electric bike motor kit

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Item # EP-CO-BNX-500

The BionX PL500 offers the highest speed you can get from a BionX kit. This system will top out at 25 miles per hour. Only install this electric racing motor on bicycles designed for high speed electric bike riding.



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Click here if you prefer a fully customizable Bionx motor kit. (Lets you choose cable length, wheel color...)

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The Bionx PL500 offers a 500W motor and a 36V Li-ion battery. The concept behind the PL500 is simple: more speed. Capable of speeds up to 25 mph (26" and 700c only), the BionX PL500 is meant to be used on stretches of flat ground to get from A to B as quickly as possible. And, of course, there's always the adrenaline rush.

Bionx PL500 features:

  • 500W Motor capable of speeds of 25 mph
  • Pedal Assist and Throttle options
  • Regenerative braking

The PL500 offers a bit less torque than the PL350, and as such it's not ideal for heavier riders, going up steep hills. BionX PL 500

Before purchasing a Bionx PL500 be sure to check with your DMV in regards to local regulations. The PL500 exceeds the 20mph federal speed limit. In some states and counties it may be illegal to use on roads, and in some of the states in which it is street legal it needs to be registered. It is the responsibility of the buyer to determine what laws and regulations apply to them prior to purchase.

Installing this kit will add a total of approximately 17 lbs. to your bike.

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The Bionx Warranty

Electric drive system
Maximum Speed25 mph
RangeUp to 30 miles
WeightAdds 17 lbs to the weight of the bike
MotorBrushless and Gearless Direct Drive Generative 36 Volt motor: 500 watt continuous/1200 watt peak
Speed controllerOverload protection 16 amps, low voltage protection : 31.5 V
Battery36 Volt 9.6 Amp-hour Lithium-ion
Battery weight9 lbs
ChargerAutomatic Smart charger, charges to 90% in 20 minutes
Nominal torque8.2 Newton-meters
Maximum torque28 Newton-meters
The Bionx Warranty
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  • Bionx
  • warranty
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  • source
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  • comfort
  • for
  • electric
  • bike
  • riders.
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  • covers
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  • motor
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  • control
  • console
  • for
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  • years.
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  • battery
  • has
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  • one-year
  • warranty
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  • manufacturer�s
  • defects
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  • Bionx
  • warranty
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