Brompton Luggage System and Brompton Bags

Brompton Luggage System and Brompton Bags

Brompton Bags and Luggage System

The Brompton luggage system is great because it allows you to attach a bag directly onto the frame, taking the weight of a backpack off your shoulders and giving you a variety of options for storage space.

One of the most unique points of the Brompton luggage system is how it attaches to the frame instead of the handlebars. This allows you to turn the handlebars freely even when your Brompton folding commuter bike is loaded up in the front. It also means the weight of the bag will always travel directly over the center line if the bike, improving balance, and because there is no extra weight attached to the handlebars the steering remains quick and responsive.

Even though your luggage is firmly affixed to the bike it is easy to snap it on or off. Simply pull the quick release trigger below the carrier block to release your bag and press the bag down to snap it in place.

Another great feature of the Brompton luggage system is that your bag can remain attached to the bike even when you fold it up. The bag spins around with the handle facing forward, allowing you to fully fold you Brompton and pull it behind you by the handle. If you put the cover bag over it while doing this your Brompton could easily be mistaken for a piece of airline luggage. No problem taking this folding bike inside.

As if it couldn't get any better, Brompton makes 6 different cycling bags which fit any needs. Let's take a quick look at some of the bags.

  • The Brompton folding basket is the quintessential Brompton accessory. This simple cloth basket with a metal frame is perfect for grocery shopping, running errands, going on a picnic, or just cashing your backpack while you ride. The folding basket is one of the most popular Brompton accessories.
  • The first enclosed bag we should look at is the Brompton S Bag. The S Bag is a messenger style bag designed specifically for S type Brompton bikes with straight handlebars. It has a shoulder strap, two side pockets, two rear pockets and a good amount of space inside for a laptop, some papers, or whatever else you want to store in there. The S bag frame is smaller to allow clearance of the brake levers of S type Bromptons when turning. As such it is the only Brompton bag which is designed to fit Brompton folding bikes with straight or "S type" handlebars.
  • The next bag to consider is the Brompton C bag. The C bag is quite a bit larger than the S bag and will fit m and p type Bromptons. The C bag is the Brompton bag most like a shoulder bag. It has a large comfortable shoulder strap and lots of room inside. There are pockets on the back and sides for your cell phone, keys, wallet and whatever else you don't want in your pockets. The C bag has a bright yellow interior so you can easily see what's inside. It has space for a laptop or files, a lunch, even a change of clothes. The C bag is a great everyday bag.
  • The Brompton T bag, or touring pannier as it used to be called, is the largest Brompton bag. It has plenty of space for getting groceries on the way home or taking longer trips. The T bag can be stuffed to the brim with all sorts of goodies and then closed up with its roll top closure and tie down strap. That way you can shove more and more into the this Brompton bag and still close it when you're ready to go. The T bag is obviously designed for people who want to go on longer rides or just want to take the kitchen sink with themselves.

There are a few fancier bags offered by Brompton that are made for special uses:

  • The Brompton O bag is made by Ortlieb, a leader in bicycle panniers. The O Bag is totally waterproof or better yet hurricane proof. This bag is the only one you would use to carry a papyrus scroll across the Philippines in tsunami season. It's that good. It has two detachable outer pockets, one of which can be used as a shoulder bag in itself to carry the essentials you can't leave behind. On top of its ultimate functionality the O bag looks great as well. If you want an all weather, no worries, top of the line Brompton bag then you want the O bag.
  • The Brompton MINI O bag is also made by Ortlieb and is a more scaled down and aerodynamic version of the original Ortlieb bag for Brompton. It has enough space to keep a few things dry on a commute or weekend ride without being so bulky that it slows you down or catches the wind. If you want light weight and water tight go with the Mini O Bag from Brompton.
  • The Brompton A bag is by far the classiest option you have. If you'll be riding your Brompton right into board meetings or parking your favorite folding bike in a Wall Street office you probably want to give your Brompton the class of carrying an A bag. This Spanish leather bag is hand made with the same care as the finest leather brief cases. You'll never find a more beautiful Brompton bag, or any bag, than the Brompton A bag. That's why it gets the A, for auspicious.

So there you have it, all the Brompton bags laid out one after another. If you have any questions about Brompton bags you might want to stop by our shop to see each one in person. Thanks for reading, check out all the other great Brompton accessories too!

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