Brompton Folding Bicycle Miscellaneous Accessories

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Brompton Folding Bicycle Miscellaneous Accessories

NYCeWheels carries an extensive line of Brompton folding bicycle parts, including our stock of miscellaneous accessories for Brompton bikes. Our accessories can help your Brompton folding bike ride better, look better and be safer.

We stock lights that make your Brompton folding bike easier to see for motorists and which will make the road easier to see for you. Good lights are one of the most important investments you can make in your safety on the road, and we highly recommending buying the best lighting system you can afford.

NYCeWheels also offers other accessories ranging from touch-up paint to make your Brompton folding bike look better to frame pumps for fixing emergency flats on the road. Brompton pedals in folding and nonfolding designs are available for your comfort and convenience. We also offer the Brompton manual if you're thinking about doing repairs on your own or if you just want to get to know your Brompton a little better.