Brompton folding bike color options

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Brompton folding bike color options

The variety of color choices available for a Brompton folding bike is incredible. What other bike can you customize with two different colors per frame? It's pretty awesome. This is just one of many options you can choose from when building a Brompton folding bike. Check out the Brompton color picker to play with all the options.

So how do the Brompton bike color options work?

It's pretty simple really. There are two sections of a Brompton folding bike: the main frame and the extremities. The main frame is obvious, it is the main section of frame between the front and rear wheel. The extremities consist of the rear frame triangle, the fork, and the stem. Each of these sections of the bike can take a color and you can really get some wild combinations.

There's not much more to say about Brompton folding bike color. Pick something that fits your personality! If you want to build a Brompton folding bike from scratch, choosing everything from the color to the gearing, try our custom built Brompton folding bike tool. It's an easy, fun, and fast way to order a personalized Brompton in no time.