Custom build a Brompton folding bike in just a few minutes.
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Custom build a Brompton folding bicycle

Custom Build a Brompton Folding Bike

Brompton folding bikes are renown for both their quality and their portability. What's amazing is that you can quickly and easily order a custom built Brompton folding bike tailored to your exact specifications. It's all part of the package with his hand built folding bike. Spend a few a few minutes with us and your perfect folding bike will be built to order at the Brompton factory in England, tuned up at our shop by an expert mechanic, and at your door in no time.

Lead time: Bromptons ordered today will arrive in 4-6 weeks. They will then be tuned by our expert Brompton mechanic and shipped on to you!

Read & build your custom Brompton like you build a PC

Custom built Brompton folding bike text The first is very similar to building a laptop or desktop computer online: simply read a quick description of each option, select the one you want, and press continue. This is a great way to build your custom Brompton folding bike when you're at work or somewhere where you must look busy or keep quiet. With our text based custom Brompton folding bike tool you can quickly make your decision.

Click here for the Text based Custom Built Brompton Folding Bike Tool.

Watch & build your custom Brompton by watching videos

Custom built Brompton folding bike video The second way to build your dream folding bike is to use our video based custom Brompton folding bike builder. This tool brings you up close and in depth with clear and engaging visual presentations of every Brompton folding bike option.

This is the closest you can get to a one on one session with a NYCeWheels Brompton folding bike expert (without actually coming in of course). You can quickly narrow down the choices with brief overview videos. The overview for each choice is followed by separate videos on each option, allowing even your most detail obsessed side to find satisfaction.

Click here for the Video based Custom Built Brompton Folding Bike Tool.

Picking the options you want and the ones you can do without is easy with our custom built Brompton folding bike tools. You have access to multiple ways of exploring and interacting with every aspect your custom folding bike. Building your own custom Brompton folding bike couldn't be easier.

Get started with our custom built Brompton folding bike tools. It's the easiest and fastest way to build a custom Brompton folding bike.

Of course, if you'd rather just buy one of the most popular models you can always order a stock Brompton folding bike.