The Brompton folding bike | most compact, folding bike

The Brompton folding bike | most compact, folding bike

Nothing else folds quite as compactly as a Brompton folding bike. It can be taken anywhere: on the subway, into the office, out to a restaurant, or even tucked into a coat check. This portability is the key, allowing you to fit a bike ride into your busy day to day life. If you want be able to take a bicycle anywhere you want, no matter the destination, then you need a Brompton bike.

The Brompton folding bicycle folds in on itself concealing the chain, protecting your clothing from grime, and allowing you to tow it behind you rather than carrying it. When a Brompton is fully folded it locks together, and is easily carried using the nose of its seat as a handle or rolled behind you like airline luggage.

Stock Brompton folding bicycles

No Wait! Buy a Stock Brompton Folding Bike

We have over 100 of the most popular models of Brompton folding bikes in stock. So why wait? If you need a Brompton in a hurry you can pick it up right away or have it shipped within a day or two. Can't find the bike you want in stock? We will modify one of our stock Brompton bikes to your specifications. To order a bike for pickup or immediate shipping check out our stock Brompton folding bikes.

Changes to stock Bromptons

Stock Brompton Changes - Have it your way!

Would you pay a few dollars more side step the 4 week custom order process? We want to get you your bike ASAP and, aside from color choices, we can change almost anything else and send your bike out right away! Follow this link to specify exactly what you want on your bike and get it shipped out within just a few days! How's that for convenient?

Custom Built Brompton folding bikes

Build a custom Brompton folding bike

If we don't have the Brompton you want in stock, use these tools to quickly create your own custom built Brompton folding bike. Our custom Brompton tools work for everyone. Skim through the options to get a sense of what you want or drill down into 52 detailed videos on every choice you could make. Start building the folding bike of your dreams now!

NOV Designs - The Lightest Mods for your Brompton

NOV Designs - The Lightest Mods for your Brompton

NOV Designs is a custom CNC shop based in Seoul, Korea. This company is producing some of the most exciting and innovative modifications for Bromptons available. Not only is their attention to detail superb, the way they push the envelope with all kinds of new and different mods is very impressive. I'm not sure if they sleep or whether they stay up all night every night dreaming up the next thing we will go all sparkley-eyed over!

Get your Brompton accessories right here

Brompton folding bike accessories

Brompton has developed many practical and high-quality accessories that increase the functionality of their folding bike. Because the Brompton is such a practical and portable bicycle it makes sense to personalize it with accessories that work for your lifestyle. With everything from bike bags that clip right on the bike to high power battery and dynamo powered lighting systems the Brompton folding bike has useful accessories for everyone.

Don't forget to checkout our Brompton Lookbook!

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