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Brompton folding bikes, with super light titanium components

A Brompton superlight titanium folding bike is one of the finest, funnest folding bikes you'll ever ride, and NYCeWheels carries these superfine, superlight bikes at competitive prices with fast shipping. If you're looking for titanium bikes that fold, this is the one.

These bikes have steel frames, but the rear frame, fork, seat post and many other components are made of light but strong titanium. At 21 pounds, this is the lightest production Brompton folding bike on the market. Not only is this titanium bike light, fast and strong and capable of higher speeds with the same amount of pedaling you'd put into another, heavier bike. It's also easier to carry because of its light weight.

If you're in New York City, stop by NYCeWheels to test drive one of these superlight bikes. If you're far away, contact us with any questions you may have. You'll get fast, straightforward answers from our expert staff.