Currie Electric Drive Motor kit for bicycles
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Currie Electric Drive Motor kit for bicycles

Currie Electric Drive Motor kit for bicycles

Currie Electric Drive Motor kit for bicycles

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Currie electro-drive, electric bike motor kit
This is a brand-new version of the famous Currie USPD Pro-Drive system that we sold by the truckload a few years ago. Amazingly, they were able to keep it at the same low price it was back then but now has many improvements.
The Currie Electric Drive kit that can be mounted to nearly any bicycle.

Currie Electro Drive features:

  • A great price for an entry level kit
  • Easy installation
  • Second battery available to double your distance

The kit contains the motor, the charger, a battery pack, controller and throttle. It comes complete with the rear wheel to replace your existing so its easy to switch between electric powered and regular bike. It's simple to install and can be used on almost any bicycle.

A bicycle equipped with this kit will reach a top speed of 18 miles per hour and have a range of 10-20 miles per charge.

The Currie electric bike motor kit comes with the motor pre-installed on a 26" Rim for easy installation, and the controller and wiring is pre-mounted on the included rear-rack.

A real steal at this price, and a great way to jump in on the fun of going electric!

The Currie electric bike kit includes
1. Rear Wheel (u use your existing tire and tube)
2. One Battery-pack
3. Mounting brackets and all required hardware include
4. Pre-wired Rear battery Rack
5. Throttle with fuel-gauge

Motor450 Watt | DC Earth Magnet Motor
  • EV Rated SLA Type, Rear Rack Mounted, 24V / 10AH
  • (consistes of two 12v / 10AH, valve regulated, sealed lead Acid rechargeable batteries in Series)
Charge SystemUL Listed Currie Smart Charger with LED Status Display
ControllerExclusive Currie Electro-Drive 24 Volt Fully Potted w/ Power Gauge Function
Top Speed15 MPH / 24 kg (Rider weight, input and terrain contingent)
  • Up to 10-15 Miles / 16 - 24 km with normal pedaling (Rider weight, input and terrain contingent)
  • Easily Add an optional Second Battery Pack to double the range
  • Patented Carrie Electro-Drive System.
  • Combine with Drive Train System from your standard Bike to get Hybrid Power
Rear Wheel
  • Alloy 26 inches x 1.75 inches
  • Suitable for mounting 26 inch x 1.5 inch to 26 inch x 2.125 inch tire, Inner tube and rim strip from your original bike.
Hub spacing135mm OLN (standard 7-speed)
User Controls
  • Power On/Off switch on back of rack
  • Easy access charger port in Removable Battery Pack
  • Can charge on or off the bike
  • Twist Thumb Throttle w/ TAG (twist & Go)
  • Function & battery Gauge indicator for mounting on handelbar
Rider Age & Weight Limit
  • Young adult (13+) to Adult
  • 240 lbs / 109 kg