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Bag Your Bike! Carrying a Dahon Folding Bike

There are many instances when you don't want to just waltz into a business with a folding bike, even in its compact, folded form. It's just not acceptable in museums, classy restaurants, or hospitals. There are a lot of folding bike enthusiasts that would rather die than leave their bike at home, so many folding bike manufacturers have covers or bags to conceal the bike in classier establishments.

The Dahon folding bikes are unique in that there are a plethora of bags to choose from to conceal your bike, from a simple cover to a heavy duty airport case. Depending on how you plan to store or carry the bike, you might like one bag over another. For your convenience, we're going to outline all of the different types of Dahon carrying bags and their specific uses, so you can pick the best one!

Dahon CarryOn Cover and Bag

Dahon CarryOn Cover If you're more worried about concealing your folding bike than protecting it, the Dahon CarryOn Cover is probably the best bag for your. Stored neatly inside a small saddle bag, this thin bag can wrap around any Dahon folding bike up to 24" and includes a shoulder strap that secures the bike in two places, for easy transportation. This is the most basic of all Dahon carrying bags, but it's also the most convenient.

Dahon El Bolso Bag

Dahon El Bolso Bag Imagine a giant tote bag, one that could fit a folding bicycle, and has two giant handles that strap together and go over your shoulder bag. This is, in essence, the design of the Dahon El Bolso Bag. Designed to fit any bike (yes, even the 26" Dahon Matrix), this bag has straps on the side that can tighten against smaller bikes, but the top remains open for easy access. When folded up, the El Bolso conveniently fits inside a small bag that can be worn like a backpack, or strapped to a rear rack.

Dahon Stow Bag

Dahon Stow Bag The new Dahon Stow Bag was designed as a protective carrying bag for Dahon folding bikes. A thick polyester holds the bike in place and zips closed, so you can carry the bike around without having any part of it exposed. It's great for traveling, or if you've got an especially dirty bike. When not in use, the Stow Bag can be rolled up and carried on a rear rack. The standard size fits bikes up to 24", and the extra large accommodates the bigger bikes.

Dahon Body Bag

Dahon Body Bag

The morbidly named Dahon Body Bag is perhaps the most convenient of all Dahon bags. Instead of folding the bike on the main hinge, just by folding the handlebars and the seat creates a relatively flat bike that can be hung behind a door or pushed behind a couch. It's an easy way to store a folding bike in narrow storage spaces. The Body Bag fits bikes up to 20".

Dahon Airporter Case

Dahon Airporter Case The heavy duty Dahon Airporter Case is built tough for airline travel. If you're worried about your bike getting knocked around by airlines, this is the best case for traveling. It fits all models of Dahon folding bikes, and has straps inside to secure the bike for a long trip. The wheels and carrying strap allow for the case to be towed easily through a terminal. There's nothing else out there that beats the durability of the Dahon Airporter Case.

Although there are many choices for Dahon folding bike bags, each serves its own specific purpose. Some people even use a combination of two bags, depending on what they're doing with their bike. Check out some other Dahon folding bike accessories on our website!

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