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Dahon Matrix|BionX powered electric folding bike

Item # EP-BC-BNX-DAH-Matrix

The Dahon Matrix with BionX electric motor assist is one of our best performing electric folding bikes. The Matrix uses a hex-lock folding joint which makes it perfect for for a high powered electric motor kit but yet still remains one of the lightest electric folding bikes. An electrified folding bike is for you.

The Dahon Matrix has been discontinued in the U.S. Click here for more Electric powered folding bikes bike options.
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The Dahon Matrix folding bike is one of the most durable in our shop. With 26" mountain bike tires, front suspension, and disc brakes, this bike is built to handle the roughest riding. When combined with a BionX electric motor kit, it becomes one of the best custom-built electric bikes available. The best part? It's electric and it folds!

 Dahon Matrix/BionX features:

  • Electric system with 4 pedal assist levels and a throttle
  • Regenerative braking to extend your trip
  • Full size mountain bike that folds - even with the electric kit
  • One of the strongest, most durable custom-built electric bikes out there

The BionX electric kit has a sensor to detect how hard the rider pedals, and kicks in with a percentage of motor power. If you feel like coasting along without pedaling, just press the thumb throttle and off you go. Because of its Lithium batteries, this kit can go for 20 miles on a single charge. However, due to the regenerative braking capacity of the BionX combined with the pedal assistance function you can get another 10 or more miles out of the kit if you pedal more.

dahon matrix bike video

Riding the Dahon Matrix with electric power is a breeze. The hinges use solid steel bolts to hold the frame together, so it's stronger than any other Dahon folding bike. If you're looking for one of the strongest custom-built electric bikes available? Here it is. There aren't many bikes that can compare with the Dahon Matrix with a BionX electric bike kit.

Bike Specs
ColorTech bronze
Gear Inches19" - 99"
Folded Sizes35 x 97 x 85 cm (13.7" x 37.8" x 33.2")
Weight(32.6 lbs.)
Folding Time30 seconds
Max Rider Weight(230 lbs.)
BionX electric drive system specs
PL250 - 250 Watt system
Motor250 Watt / Lithium
Maximum Speed20mph
Torque7 Newton-meters/25 peak
Weight14 lbs. total
Motor TypeDirect drive generative wheel motor (gearless - brushless)
Motor Power250 watts/450 watts peak
Battery24 volt Li-ion battery
ChargerLi-ionBionx charger
PL350 - 350 Watt System
Motor350 Watt / Lithium
Maximum Speed20mph
Torque10 Newton-meters/32 peak
Weight17 lbs. total
Motor TypeDirect drive generative wheel motor (gearless - brushless)
Motor Power350 watts/700 watts peak
Battery36 volt L-ion battery
ChargerLi-ion Bionx charger
The Bionx Warranty
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  • warranty
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  • bike
  • riders.
  • Bionx
  • covers
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  • motor
  • and
  • control
  • console
  • for
  • 2
  • years.
  • The
  • battery
  • has
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  • one-year
  • warranty
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Dahon Matrix with BionX electric drive system|MatronX

With 26" wheels, the Dahon Matrix is a full sized folding bike manufactured by Dahon. It has 24 speeds (3 spd. front derailleur and rear 8) and weighs about 30 pounds. What makes this bike great, is it has a road bike look and feel, but with folding aspects, ready to be unlocked with the included hex key. The Matrix folding bike I rode was equipped with the 350 watt BionX electric motor kit, which made navigating through the New York streets not only easy, but fun.

Dahon Matrix | BionX electric motor

The tires and suspension added for a smooth, comfortable ride, and with 24 speeds, it was no problem picking up speed, even with the BionX kit off! When it comes time to fold the bike, you just make about one rotation with the key in two joints, and its done! With the same key used to unlock it, you can also remove the handlebars so that you have more compact of a fold. The pedals are also removable with the assistance of a standard wrench. Although the folding process is both fast and easy, the fold itself isn't as compact or efficient as some of its folding brethren. It is, however, fitting for a rider who's need for speed outweighs a need for space. In other words, if you only need the bike to fold compact enough for the trunk of a car, your apartment, or workspace, the Matrix BionX is perfect for you; you get a full-size fit and comfortable ride.

BionX electric motor kit installed on Dahon Matrix folding bike The BionX kit has 4 possible levels of assistance, ranging from 25 to 200%; this meaning that as I pedaled, it would assist me, up to 200%, or until I hit 20 MPH. The throttle, which is used only for (but not limited to) short bursts of speed, was kept handy for starting out, tight spots, and yellow lights. As slowing down is a priority on this bike, it is obviously befitting for the bike to have a regenerative braking feature as well. If I were to have to progressively slow down, for a hill, for instance, I can just set the regenerative mode to brake for me, and as it slows, it also recharges the battery. If I just need to hit the handbrake,the BionX bike kit system momentarily kicks the regenerative braking mode in until I let off.

Folded up Dahon Matrix folding bike with BionX electric bicycle motor kit

Personally, I liked to keep the Matrix electric bike in second (front) gear, and adjust through the 8 spds. and skip to a higher third (front) later; but depending on your strength, you can start out in 1st or 3rd. Riding at a comfortable speed with the 2nd level assist was more than enough to keep me at speed, and the regenerative brakes that recharged when engaged, kept me from speeding past taxi cabs. All in all, this bike is a perfect marriage of comfort from a full-sized electric bike, and functionality from a folding bike.

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