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Dahon Folding Bike Technology: MKS EZY Pedals

Over the years, components on folding bicycles have improved drastically. Better handlebars, wheels, and hinges offer more stability, making the folding bikes today much safer than their ancestors.

In our ongoing article series about Dahon folding bikes, we take a closer look at some of the technology that makes these folding bikes unique. They've been improving upon their design for twenty-five years, and have released some pretty cool designs and patents in that time.

MKS EZY Pedals

MKS EZ Pedals Dahon folding bikes are known for their unique fold, which normally involves a folding pedal. Usually made out of plastic, the folding pedal gives the bike its compact form, but can't handle as much pressure as an alloy pedal.

Some of the higher end Dahon folding bicycles are now implementing the MKS EZY Pedals. Using a quick-release sleeve, these alloy pedals are stronger than a plastic folding pedal, and are also easy to remove. Just pull back the sleeve and the pedal pops right off.

Since the MKS EZY Pedals attach to a bicycle crank using the same threading as a standard pedal, they can attach to any bicycle (even non-folding bikes). When the pedal is removed, the coupler stays on the crank, making the final folded size even smaller than a plastic folding pedal.

Dahon Folding Bikes that Utilize MKS EZY Pedals:

The MKS EZY Pedals are available in silver or black

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