eFlow E3 Nitro - New and Exciting, by Turbo Bob NYCeWheels.com

eFlow E3 Nitro - New and Exciting, by Turbo Bob

Turbo and the eFlow

I just got the word that NYCeWheels has taken delivery of the brand new eFlow E3 Nitro electric-assist bike. This great piece of engineering was just released this month and is really spec'd nicely. I was at the introduction that took place at the 2013 Interbike Electric Bike Media Event on the 13th. What was even cooler is that I got to take one of the demo bikes home to ride for a month or two. So stay tuned for all the skinny on this and other electric bikes.

Features of the eFlow Nitro electric bike

This E3 Nitro has all the new stuff. With load-sensed pedelec, it knows what you want and how to deliver. With a very quick computer running the motor, you are assured of a fun and exhilarating ride. The bike looks good, is kind of stealthy, and has a very sport tuned chassis. The gearing, wheels and tires and the whole layout has been worked to perfection for you and me.

From the front, you find a large disc brake that works with hydraulics, not a cable. It is very capable of its chores as you pound the roadways. Smooth, strong and powerful are just a few words to describe the braking system on the eFlow. They mounted-up a set of tires I am quite pleased with. They have a large cross-section that is easy rolling and soaks up the bumps well too. The alloy rims are black and appear to be as beefy as need be.

A uni-shock front suspension locates the front end. It has a pre-load adjustment that took a few tries on the setting to match-up to my riding style and now feels just right. As I work the ruts and bumps, I feel very confident when the speeds ramp-up. The frame geometry has a sport feel with good feed-back that I am enjoying very much. With a semi-aggressive riding position, you are at the right angle for all types of riding. The short, fairly straight bars on the eFlow electric bike have room for all my lights and goodies.

E3 Nitro bike design and battery

eFlow E3 Nitro Part of the difference of this eFlow is the battery being the seat post. It blends in well with the frame and puts the weight (which isn't that much) right in line with that of the rider. It is easy to remove the battery if you like, but it can be charged on or off the bike depending on your needs. It slides up and down for the saddle height adjustment and has a spot by the quick release clamp for a small padlock if you think it is necessary to secure the seat and the battery to the bike. Mounted on top is a racy saddle that, although felt good, I swapped out for one a little wider.

This E3 Nitro electric bike comes with a removable display unit. It can be set and reviewed when off the bike due to an internal coin battery. The bike's power system is disabled when the computer is removed as a security tool. The display reads out the speed, other bike computer functions and your power assist sensitivity levels. It also has small indicators that read out the amps used and regenerated during your ride.

A multi-speed drive train is found under your feet as you pedal. With two gears in front and ten in the rear, that adds up to twenty available at your disposal. Everything is run with SRAM Apex derailleurs and thumb shifters. You can blast through the gears like a pro and ride this bike just fine without the power-assist if you want. But when you want some power, it is at the ready to help you up the hills, into a head wind and if you are just plain tuckered out after a long blast of electric assist bike fun.

Riding the eFlow Nitro bicycle

The motor on the eFlow Nitro is whisper-quiet and more powerful than you really need. The power comes on seamlessly, just like load-sensor pedelec should. You can override the intelligent pedelec at any time with a twist of the half-hand throttle. The power-system is well thought out and works with you, not against you. What more could you want than that? The frame comes with all the places and fittings you need to add bags or racks for some major touring. I added all kinds of goodies from a local bike accessory supplier to make mine more fun, safer and to add utility. You can check the video on my YouTube channel or my bike blog to learn all about those. I do recommend adding lights and the such to your new eFlow E3 Nitro before you ride it home.

So contact NYCeWheels to see what all the fuss is about. The eFlow E3 Nitro is new, rides great and might be the one you've been waiting for. Look for more from me as I continue to put this super machine through its paces.

eFlow with the road, Turbo Bob.

"If you brake, you don't win."---Mario Cipollini

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