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Electric Bikes and Bike Trailers

Ecobike Eleance and a bike trailer One of the most empowering things I've felt in the last few months was the ability to tow a 40-lb box behind my bicycle on a Burley Travoy bicycle trailer. Until that point, living in a city with no car and having to rely solely on a bicycle and public transportation to get around, carrying around large boxes, pieces of furniture, or suitcases proved to be a bit of a hassle. Finally there was a low-profile solution for a city commuter like me, who often had to transport drums and amplifiers through the narrow streets of Manhattan.

When people visit our store and see the Burley bicycle trailers, one of the most common questions is, "What is the best bicycle to use if I want to pull a - (insert: child trailer, dog, camping gear, groceries, etc)?" It's almost too easy to answer that one, working in a shop full of powerful electric bikes. Of course an electric-assist bicycle is going to be the best option - it's going to do most of the work! We've begun to see many different electric bike/bicycle trailer combos. Just ask Peter, who's been driving around the mobile Brompton folding bike trailer using the high-powered A2B electric bike. It's a breeze, even towing 100 lbs!

The Best Electric Bike and Bike Trailer Combo

Although the A2B electric bike is the best trailer-pulling machine for our heavy rig, it's probably not practical for the everyday commuter. A comparable alternative is the eZee Torq electric bike. Combine this with something like the Burley Flatbed Trailer and you've got a pretty powerful cargo vehicle.

Powerful enough for hills and pulling lots of weight, eZee electric bikes are as strong as oxen pulling a covered wagon.

Folding Bikes for a Compact Lifestyle

Luckily, Burley thought about the space-challenged individuals as well. The Burley Travoy folding bicycle trailer can tow up to 60 lbs, and can also be packed into a small bag for storage or traveling. What better combo than to pair this with an electric folding bike?

The Ecobike Vatavio is a great electric bike for small Manhattan apartments. It rides on 20" wheels, and uses either throttle or pedal-assist mode. Just clamp the Travoy on the pivot joint under the seat, and you can tow anything using the quiet electric motor.

As more and more people begin to ride bikes every day, and more bike lanes sprawl through the five boroughs, electric bikes and bicycle trailers will gain popularity. Even during Summer Streets and other bike events this summer, bike trailers towing children, pets, and stereo systems were everywhere. Try out an electric bike with a bike trailer - it's definitely the most fun way to get around!

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