How much do electric bikes weigh

How much do electric bikes weigh

Electric bike weight

The question of weight and electric bikes is always an important one on the consumer's list. Will this bike be so light I can carry it up stairs to my 5th floor walk up? Or will it be as heavy as a motorcycle, locking me to the ground floor? Weight is often an issue for electric bike owners who need to lift their bikes into cars and up stairs. The lightest electric bike is often desirable but not always a possible option. Let's take a look at a few electric bikes and compare weight vs. features:

The A2B Electric bike is pretty darn heavy...

...and at 73 lbs, you wouldn't want to carry the A2B electric bike up any stairs. Most of its owners have bike storage rooms or live in more suburban and rural areas where storage is not a problem. Although the A2B is the heaviest electric bike we carry it does have some nice features. Namely, it's powerful throttle controlled motor. This 500 watt motor can pull a heck of a lot of weight and take you up to 20 mph on flats.

The Giant Twist Freedom electric bike is built for comfort...

...but not necessarily for the staircase. This electric bike is quite a bit more manageable than the A2B at only 62 lbs but still no lightweight. It does however have some very nice qualities. With 2 batteries this electric bike can go up to 40 miles on a charge. It has a pedal assist electric bike drive system which means it senses how hard you pedal and gives you a boost on top of that. The Giant Twist freedom is also one of our electric bikes that look like regular bicycles.

Sanyo Eneloop electric bike, a full sized lightweight...

...electric bike that delivers a whole lot of function without the extra pounds. This sophisticated and stylish electric bicycle weighs only 51 pounds. That's not so bad if you want to lift it into your trunk. The Sanyo Eneloop is a hybrid electric bicycle designed to be very easy to operate and fun to ride. Just like those old cruiser bikes this electric bike has 3 speeds and is a pleasure to take on long rides with a range of up to 30 miles.

The IF Reach DC is our lightest electric bike and...

... it's a folding electric bike too. The IF Reach DC is an amazing bit of electric bike and weighs almost as much as a regular bicycle. This sporty folding electric bike cant take you up to 18mph without you even realizing it. It too has a pedal assist drive system, reading your pedaling power and giving you a boost on top of that. Because the motor is located within the bottom bracket (between the pedals) it is a truly hybrid electric bicycle. With the IF Reach DC you get a super light electric bike and one really fun ride.

To compare weight and features in more detail, browse our entire selection of electric bikes and click on the specifications tab within the product page for details.

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