My Electric Brompton's First Boat Trip

My Electric Brompton's First Boat Trip

This is a nice guest review by our happy customer, Steve H. I've inserted a few comments when appropriate to address some of his thoughts and questions. -Peter

Electric Brompton - the great equalizer!

Electric Brompton bicycle

Just returned from our boat trip to Canada. Sarah and I rode about 60 miles (she has a trip computer). That is more than I have cycled in YEARS. Fell off only once when I went from sidewalk to grass to give way for pedestrian and went over when I tried to get back to the concrete and failed to approach the concrete edge at a sharp enough angle...tried to drift back on the walk but front wheel skidded off walk edge and I went down. No damage to bike or body. Lesson is that small wheels are just more sensitive to road conditions and require bit of technique.

My wife was DELIGHTED I had that bike because it let her bike at her usual all out she-woman pace and I could easily stay with her or catch up with a burst of "warp mode." What I really found was that the bike allowed me to maintain flat road conditions at all times, letting me pedal and get exercise without showing my age and having a coronary. As the hills came on I eased on some volts to reduce my pedaling effort. The bike was much admired at various stops.

Battery has long life

I never saw the charge light go down by even one "red" after two or three hours. Don't know if the battery is just so great or if the the lights are not all that accurate. Never lost any juice in half day rides. Charged it each time which took several hours. Peter: Steve's 15Ah battery is very large capacity and should last him 30-40 miles of riding with pedaling.

Some Observations:

Folded eBrompton in boat

Love that the HEAVY front bag is mounted on the stem and not on the handle bars which would be really dangerous. The weight always stays centered. A really good feature.

The bag holds a ton of stuff and is very well designed. I would like a rear bag or rack but don't know if they make it or if it would interfere with folding. Peter: you can get a rack and a bag for it too, the bike folds just fine with these attached.

The old fart seat I bought was a good decisions. No "SA" (sore ass) even after two straight hours biking.

I was thinking it would be nice for there to be an easy to mount/remove main tube clip (between the legs) to hold spare battery. I would buy a 10AH spare just to have it. I always expect the worst. :)

electric Brompton bike

The e-bike could use a special tool assortment. I made my own: open end 19mm and 15mm wrenches for flat tire fix, open end wrench to release brake caliper for wheel removal (I realize that if tire is flat you don't have to do that). one each 10amp and 30 amp (red and green) fuses (may or may not fix a problem but then again it might). Roll of electrical tape, a few black zip ties, plus the usual tire patch kit. All that fit nicely in one of the two small side pouches on the bag.

electric Brompton bikeI am going to take a sharp tool and scribe the seat post at the appropriate point for my seat height rather than guestimating. Peter: scribing a long seat post like the one on a Brompton can lead to cracking down the road if you go too deep, be sure to make this a cosmetic mark only.

The bike is just great. At first I had a problem of getting the front wheel hook up over the tube to release it but now I've got the trick down. Slow learner.

Thanks again.


PS. There is a tiny space behind the ladder from the deck to the bridge just made for the Brompton. Of course we cover the bike and then bungee it securely to the ladder rails. You do not want bikes bouncing around in 5ft waves. Here we are in Kingston, about to go riding on Wolfe Island.

Peter: Does this sound like the bike you've been looking for? Order your own Electric Brompton today!

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