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Electric powered folding bikes

Convenience and portability are the quests of many city commuters when it comes to transportation options. For those city commuters who choose to bike it, check out the selection of electric powered folding bicycles available from NYCeWheels in many popular and top performing brand names, including Brompton, Dahon and Montague. Folding electric bikes solve the dual conundrums of storage and parking, while also making your ride more comfortable and enjoyable by solving the challenge of steep hills and menacing headwinds. The Electric Formula S18 is the flagship bike of NYCeWheels, a 40-pound high-performance bike with 350 watts of silent electric power, disc brakes and 18 speeds. NYCeWheels also performs custom work in its shop, including the Dahon MuP8 with BionX electric kit, and the electric Brompton folding bike, which is very compact.

We also do some custom work in our shop, like the Dahon MuP8 with BionX electric kit, and the super compact electric Brompton folding bike.