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Electric hybrid bicycle

The term Hybrid stands for 2 or more things working together to achieve a result. Hybrid bicycles got their name from a fusion of Road and Mountain bikes. Hybrid cars are usually referring to a setup of electric and gas/Diesel engines working in synergy.

Hybrid electric bike This articles intends to shed a light on the Electric hybrid bicycle. Electric bikes have gained popularity over the past 15 years in the US. Some early electric assist bikes like the Giant Lite used a Panasonic electric motor, located in the bottom bracket. The Panasonic is a true Electric hybrid bicycle since it does not sport a throttle control that allows the user to ride on power only (Hybrid bikes are driven by the combination of 2 energy sources)

Over the years hub-motors have become popular since they can be product much, much cheaper and can be ridden like a motorcycle. Versions of hub motors include: Ebike: no pedaling required at all Pedal activated: Requires pedals to rotate Pedal assist: Torque sensor controlled, requires the rider to input at least 30% to move forward.

The Pedal assist hub motor is a true Electric hybrid bicycle system and is at this time only offered by BionX, one of our best selling electric bike kits.

Another true Electric hybrid bicycle is the Giant Twist Freedom and the new Sanyo Eneloop electric hybrid bicycle. The Sanyo electric bike is one of the lightest electric bikes in production. Lightweight is the key factor since the bike rider has to do a percentage of the work at all times. Also take a peek at the brand-new IF Reach DC electric bicycle and the Dahon Boost folding electric bike - both compact, folding versions of an Electric hybrid bicycle.

We realize that this is fairly confusing to consumers that try to compare different electric bikes. A lot of manufacturers brag with motor power where others highlight the huge battery capacity provided. Truth is, these are steps in the wrong direction - towards electric mopeds or motorcycles, too fast and heavy to be safely ridden on the street. This also defeats the whole purpose of the bicycles benefits of getting exercise, feel good and stay healthy.

Only an Electric hybrid bicycle makes you pedal and get the health benefits. eBikes that sport huge motors and heavy batteries are fun to ride but handle more like mopeds and sure are not much fun to pedal when running low on batteries. Lets make a step in the right direction and purchase an electric bike the works with us to keep us healthy, smiling and good looking.

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