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Hitting The Trails: Electric Mountain Bikes!

Riding down the bumpy dirt-packed trails with a sturdy mountain bike can be one of the most exhilarating adventures on two wheels. Powering to the top of a mountain peak takes much more strength than the average city biker, which is why most mountain bike riders are in great physical shape. Of course, this type of strength doesn't last forever. Many mountain bike riders are forced to give up the sport when they hit a certain age, because they can no longer attain the power they used to have when they were younger. Wouldn't it be great if mountain biking could be enjoyed well past the prime of youth?

Here's where the electric mountain bike comes in. With the assistance from an electric motor, mountain trails can be conquered easily. Can't quite make it to the top of that hill anymore? Getting tired before the end of the trail? Use some electric assistance and take some of the stress away from your ride. Most electric motors have a convenient on/off switch on the handlebars, so you only need to kick in the motor power when it's necessary. Can't bear to part with your trust mountain bike? That's okay too. Using an electric conversion kit, you can add motor power to almost any bike and create an electric mountain bike of your own. Let's check out the different options that are available for electric mountain bike riders.

A Fully-Equipped Electric Mountain Bike

OHM electric mountain bikes on the trail Let's say you've beat your old mountain bike into the ground and it's time for a new bike. Consider buying an electric mountain bike! Not all electric bikes are comfort cruisers. There are many bikes made to handle the rough trails of mountain bike riding. Take the OHM Sport electric bike for example. This model is only 50 lbs, which is pretty lightweight for an electric bike! It has hydraulic disc brakes, full suspension, knobby Kevlar tires, and 27 speeds to shift through. Even before the electric motor kit, the OHM electric bike is a pretty high quality mountain bike.

The OHM Sport is built with a 350 watt motor, which can assist the rider through four different levels of pedal-assisted riding. Activated by a torque sensor inside the wheel, the motor is designed to assist the bicycle power, not replace it. Going downhill, you can set the motor to regenerate battery life and provide an electronic resistance to the ride. This even helps to extend the life of the brake pads, since the electronic brakes kick in before the mechanical brakes. Using this combination of assistance and regeneration, the OHM Sport electric mountain bike can travel up to 30 or 40 miles on a single battery charge! It's one of the most efficient electric bikes on the market.

Building an Electric Mountain Bike

BionX electric kit on a Felt Hotwheels Using the versatile BionX electric bike motor kit, you can convert your beloved mountain bike into an electric mountain bike. The kit comes with different motor speeds, battery mounts, and wheel sizes. Similar to the OHM Sport, the BionX kit has four levels of pedal-assistance, regenerative braking, and a long-range Lithium battery. It's widely considered the best electric conversion kit for bicycles, and it's tough enough to handle the bumpy mountain trails.

Not sure if a BionX system will fit your bike? Check out our Introduction to the BionX electric bike motor kit. This has videos, reviews, and frequently asked questions about the BionX motor kit. It's the best resource around for electric conversions.

A Folding Electric Mountain Bike?

Dahon Matrix with a BionX electric bike kit I know what you're thinking: "Any bike that folds is not suitable for a mountain trail." That's understandable. However, there is a Dahon folding bike that is actually built tough enough to stand a lot of abuse. The Dahon Matrix has full suspension, disc brakes, and is locked together with a patented LockJaw steel bolt. This bike is one of the toughest folding bikes in existence. But can it be electrified?

Again, BionX comes to the rescue. The electric conversion kit installs easily on this frame, making one of the best electric mountain bikes available. It can even be folded with the BionX electric bike kit installed, so your bike can fit easily in the back of a car or SUV. A compact electric mountain bike is also a good idea for apartment dwellers that need to store their mountain bike in a small place when they're not hitting the trails.

Don't get left in the dust on your next mountain bike ride - get electrified! An electric mountain bike is not only extremely helpful, it's also a lot of fun. In addition to OHM bikes and BionX kits, there are many other electric bikes to choose from. Some may be more suited for mountain biking than others. Read about them and pick an electric mountain bike of your own!.

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