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Electric & Kick Scooters

Kick your neighborhood transportation into high gear with the selection of electric scooters and kick scooters available at NYCeWheels. Fast, fun and convenient scooters for all ages from brands like GoPed, Micro and Xootr will open your eyes to a whole new way to get around.

Adult Kick Scooters and Manual Push Scooters like KickPed and CityKicker are a safe and comfortable way to get around three times faster and, dare we say, with three times the fun factor, too. The KickPed is a tough kick scooter with a welded steel frame, soft rubber tires and a handmade design. The CityKicker is reminiscent of a bicycle with its hand brake, and it also has a wide deck and ample space for a second rider in the front.

Battery powered electric scooters come in hundreds of models, shapes and sizes. The ones that NYCeWheels has in stock are the best-testing models with the utmost functionality. These state-of-the-art electric scooters include some that are more compact than electric bikes, so you can stow them conveniently in your car trunk, as well as the cargo department of a plane or the luggage rack of a train. City dwellers will get the most out of models like the EcoReco M3 Electric Scooter that weighs just 34 pounds and can fold in as little as five seconds, the EcoReco M5 Full Suspension Electric Scooter with its strong suspension in both the front and rear to better absorb the impact of bumps and potholes along your route, or the E-Twow Booster Electric Scooter that weighs 24 pounds, recharges itself as the rider slows down and requires just two hours for a full charge.

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Kick scooters and leg scooters

Adult Kick Scooters, Push Scooters, and Leg Scooters

Nothing beats a kick scooter for short trips around your home or a few blocks to the grocery store. Adult kick scooters make great commuter vehicles, and they fold quickly if you need to jump on the train or in a cab. The KickPed kick scooter is an indestructible design, only sold at NYCeWheels. The massively popular Xootr kick scooters are also some of the best kick scooters in production. You'll find the perfect kick scooter for your needs at NYCeWheels.

Electric scooters, motorized scooters

Electric Scooters - Battery powered electric scooters

Electric scooters are a fun and environmentally friendly way to get around. EcoReco electric scooters are some of the best looking and most reliable electric scooters anywhere. With Lithium batteries, the EcoReco scooters can travel 10-15 miles per charge! Get the comfortable EcoReco M5 or a classic EcoReco M3 Shop our variety of electric powered scooters.

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