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Electric bike and folding bike homepage news archives

The Dirty Brompton - A guest post!

August 10th - Ever wondered whether you'll still love your Brompton folding bicycle after one year of owning it? One of our great customers decided to put his bike to the test and start his own blog cataloging the experience. He wrote a summary of his first year for us and we've posted it right on NYCeWheels.com. Read about "The Dirty Brompton's" first year in action. The Dirty Brompton article is full of laughs and lessons.

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Tern Eclipse X20 now in stock!

August 1st - We've added a bunch of cool photos to our Eclipse X20 page. We really want to show off this super awesome and fast folding bike. We hope you'll find it as jaw dropping as we do!

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Comparing the Specialized Turbo with the Stromer ST1!

July 20th - You may have seen the Specialized Turbo electric bike advertised at your local bicycle shop. This is a pretty neat bicycle on the face of it but if you look into the details I don't think this is such a great deal. That's why I wrote a comparison review of the Stromer ST1 vs Specialized Turbo.

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New Stromer ST1 Platinum review from Turbo Bob!

July 16th - Turbo Bob just wrote a great new review of the amazing Stromer ST1 Platinum, the premium electric bike from famed swiss bike manufacturer Stromer. With its bright red paint job and extreme top speed of 30 mph, this is one of the most exciting bikes ever to come through our shop!

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Special Edition Dahon - 30yr Anniversary!

July 11th - The incredibly fast and light weight 30th Anniversary Dahon is now available in limited quantities! We've already sold several of these amazing folding bikes so don't miss your chance to have a look at one of the most incredible folding bicycles ever made. Watch our Special Edition Dahon video review to learn more.

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Miles' Xootr kick scooter comparison

July 8th - Even wondered what the differences between Xootr scooters is? We've got a new article up on the various Xootr scooter models which takes a look at the advantages of each scooter.

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Montague Crosstown folding bike review

July 5th - Miles wrote a nice review of the Montage Crosstown, one of the best simple full size folding bicycles you can get. It has road bicycle tires and 7 gears, a beautiful silver and black paint job, and offers a quick and responsive ride. The best part is, you can fold it right up for transportation or storage!

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Dahon Vector P8 video review

July 1st - Our latest video features the Dahon Vector P8 - a bicycle priced in the mid range but offering high end performance. You also get a beautiful black and red paint job with wheels to match! Overall I'd say the Vector P8 is the best bike for the money currently offered by Dahon.

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Micro Kick scooter review by Miles

June 26th - The Micro scooter is known for it's popularity with kids but did you know they also have a very nice kick scooter for adults? The Micro white and black offer a high quality scooter with swiss design with wheels and handlebar large enough to work for adults! These scooters make a great first adult scooter as they come in at a lower price range. We also have a free shipping offer on these Micro scooters at the moment. That makes it easy as ever to equip yourself with an excellent adult kick scooter.

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Montague Crosstown folding bike

June 21st - The Montague Crosstown bike would be great for anyone looking for a full size bicycle that's easy to transport or store over the winter.

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Stromer ST1 CityKit available

June 20th - If you have an ST1 Stromer or are thinking of getting one you should definitely check out the Stromer CityKit. This accessory package includes a rack, strong aluminum fenders, and a powerful front and rear light set wired right into the battery. This is the perfect way to put the last touches on your Stromer ST1.

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Dahon's most popular bike - Mariner folding bike review!

June 17th - Miles' latest article, on Brompton bicycle finery, explores the fit and finish of both this amazing folding bicycle and the riders who know and love it. Read up on what makes the Brompton such an excellent ride.

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Dahon's most popular bike - Mariner folding bike review!

June 10th - Miles was wondering what the most popular Dahon folding bike is. I told him, "The Mariner D7 of course!" With that he decided to take the bike for a spin and write up a quick Mariner D7 review to give you an idea of what this little folder is all about!

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New images featured on Brompton page

June 5th - We figured our Brompton folding bike page could use a little sprucing up. That's why we added a new "Ken Burns" style image rotater to it. Now you can see some of the features of this cool folding bicycle with more engaging images. Fun!

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New electric fat bike available: Pugsley BionX!

May 31st - Our custom build of the Surly Pugsley with BionX makes for one amazing electric fat bike. It was a blast to film the video review of this one (which you can view at the link above) because I got to ride over all sorts of terrain effortlessly. Imagine being able to cruise over sand, snow, gravel, and even rocks!

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May 29th - For this month's newsletter we've decided to feature a variety of new products we're carrying in the shop. Everything from the limited edition Barcelona Brompton to the new Currie iZip electric bikes we are carrying. Plus, much more...

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What's the best kick scooter?

May 24th - We have several kick scooters available. To figure out what may be the best kick scooter for you, read our best kick scooter comparison article to learn more about which ones we carry and the unique features that each model offers you. Some of our scooters have larger wheels, some have extra features, some have different materials, but all great in their own way. Learning more about each one will help you determine which is the best kick scooter for you!

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Plenty of Full Size Folding Bikes Available

May 22nd - We carry a wide variety of full size folding bicycles. Determining the best for you is easy! Just have a read of our article on full size folding bikes to learn about what's out there and what would work best for you. These bikes with larger wheels ride a bit more smoothly than small wheel bikes and usually feature more gears as well.

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Two New Electric Conversion Kits For Bicycles Available!

May 18th - There are more and more options to convert your bicycle these days. Our Electric Bike Kit section showcases a variety of systems used to motorize bicycles. We've been doing this for well over 10 years so we have lots of experience with different companies and manufacturers. The kits we sell represent the best options available - perfect for adding an electric boost to your current bicycle.

The new kits to our offering are the Folding bike motor kit for 20 inch wheels and the BionX folding bike kit. Each is targeted specifically at the special sizing of folding bicycles and will turn your current bike into a power electric assist bicycle.

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Limited edition Barcelona Bromptons ready to ship!

May 13th - The new and limited edition Barcelona Brompton offers a custom color scheme with matching accessories and graphics. It's all designed around the beautiful coastal town in Spain where artist David Torrents drew his inspiration. We got about 10 of these beautiful folding bikes and they're going fast.

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Frequently Asked Questions: All answered!

May 3rd - When people have questions about our products we want to give the right answers. That's why we have a FAQ section that goes over the biggest questions related to electric and folding bicycles. If you've got a few questions that need answering, that's the first place to start. It has a basic overview of the big issues people most often ask about.

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Limited Edition Barcelona Brompton Now Available!

May 2nd - This is the first time we've carried a limited edition Brompton model but it sure wont be the last! We've just received our 10 Barcelona Bromptons and they are really neat. The frame is actually painted with a gloss finish, showing off the brilliant colors and offsetting the matte look of the accessories.

Each Barcelona Brompton is individually numbered and features a custom sticker, custom S-bag, and special edition orange fenders and seat with blue grips to match the frame colors.

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New Folding Bike Electric motor kit available!

April 26th - With all the folding bikers our there and the rise in popularity of electric bicycles we've developed our very own Folding Bike Motor Kit. Targeted to fit the standard 20 inch wheels of Dahon and Tern folding bicycles, our electric folding bike kit will fit 90% of the folding bicycles out there. Does you're bike have 20 inch wheels? Why not put a motor on there?

This is pretty much the same kit we've used with our hugely popular electric Brompton bicycle. It's proven to be a reliable, hearty, and easy to use motor system that can be installed very easily on any folding bicycle.

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April 24th - This coming May our newsletter will feature the Stromer ST1, a guide to fitting the BionX to your bike, and some tasty deals for you!

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5 Kick Scooters perfect for adults

April 21st - You're kids are getting pretty quick on their scooters, huh? Zipping ahead of you and down the street like real pros. You can't keep up on foot and so it's time to jump on your very own adult kick scooter!

With one of our kick scooters for adults you'll be zooming down the street yourself - 3 times faster than walking! That's a lot of time saved on a commute and also a great way to get around your neighborhood. Pick out your own adult kick scooter and feel the childhood joy of scooting for yourself.

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Stromer ST1 - The new and exciting electric bike

April 18th - We've just received some of our first Stromer ST1 Elites and the Platinum model is on the way in! Man oh man you have to see these bikes. They are so much more sophisticated looking than so many ebikes on the market. Great lines, beautifully integrated battery system, and top of the line components. That's just your first impression. When you ride an ST1 for the first time... now there's something to write home about!

Our Stromer ST1 Overview goes over all the new features and goodies to expect with your ST1.

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Currie iZip Zuma Review by Turbo Bob

April 16th - The new iZip bikes from CurrieTech are really catching a lot of attention. Our friend Turbo Bob got a chance to ride one of their most popular models, the iZip Zuma, and sent us a fantastic review.

The Zuma is a real beach cruiser set up. It has nice swept back handlebar and a classic American cruiser frame. It comes in a top tube and step through model for comfort. For a great look at this electric bike read Bob's iZip Zuma review!

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Folding bike page updated - New layout is simpler

April 13th - With well over 60 models of folding bicycles to choose from, our folding bikes page represents a lot of choices for you if you're just starting to research a purchase. To help you see the differences between models at a glance, we've taken a critical eye to each manufacturer and found 3 points that make each one unique from the other. We hope this will make it easier for you to decide which may be right for you.

We figure that very few people have the time to read pages and pages of reviews when searching for a bicycle they like. That's why we formatted our new folding bike section page as a series of 3 item lists. These give you a snap shot of what makes each brand special. We welcome you to take a look at the updated page to see the difference.

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New Electric Bike Page - easier to use and read

April 10th - We carry a wide variety of electric bicycles and it can be a bit overwhelming for folks just starting to look into them. Which one do you choose? What is this bike or that bike all about? We took a look at our electric bikes page and decided it wasn't as helpful as it could be.

Our new, revamped electric bicycle page will help you see clear differences between products, giving you a clear look at what makes each unique. When it comes to picking the perfect electric bike, we're some of the experts. If you ever need help finding the best electric bike for you please contact us and we can help walk you through the options.

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New Special edition Barcelona Brompton S6L

Brompton has been releasing some very cool limited run models of their classic folding bicycle. The latest is a collaboration with Spanish artist David Torrents and is called the Barcelona Brompton! The Barcelona Brompton has limited edition colors that aren't found on any other Brompton model. The Orange and Blue color scheme is continued across the accessories as well with orange saddle and fenders plus blue grips!

The Barcelona Brompton also comes with a custom S-Bag with a flap design by Torrents to match the custom logo on the bike. This limited edition Barcelona Brompton is a great way to express your vibrance and excitement for life, two qualities Torrents aimed to highlight with his design.

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Every month we take a look at the products we carry and put together a summary of the new and exciting products we carry along with any updates on the things we've always had. This coming April our newsletter will feature the Ciao D5 electric bike, our very successful first month of bike tours, and some tasty deals for you!

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iZip Electric Bikes now at NYCeWheels!

There's a new electric bicycle brand in town here at NYCeWheels: the iZip Electric Bike. These guys made by CurrieTech - a California based powerhouse of electric bicycle technology. All iZip Electric bicycles feature powerful motors custom built for CurrieTech and a some of the simplest user controls found on the market.

We decided to feature 3 different iZip bikes. The iZip Zuma - a classic beach cruiser with 500 watt electric power. The iZip Metro - a comfortable city bike with great load carrying capacity. The iZip Path - a european styled electric bicycle that does such a good job hiding the electric system that you can hardly tell it's more than a regular bicycle at first glance.

- - -
NEW - Ciao D5 with Electric Motor!

The Dahon Ciao electric bike is our latest creation, a folding electric bicycle built for comfort, simplicity, and easy operation. If you are looking for a portable and easy riding electric bike the Dahon Ciao electric bike could be just the thing for you!

- - -
2013 Montague Boston 8 and Crosstown - New Colors!

The 2013 Montague Crosstown has gotten a new look for the new year. It's gone from a gloss white with black accents to a snappy silver with black. The new 2013 Montague Crosstown sure is a slick looking bike!

Another of folding bike to get a make over for 2013 is the Montague Boston 8. The 2013 Montague Boston 8 has gone from a conservative matte black to a gorgeous gunmetal grey. The new look really makes the bike pop as you ride down the street.

- - -
Currie eFlow E3 Nitro - Sexy new electric bike

Of all the electric bicycles we carry the 2013 Currie eFlow Nitro is probably one of the best looking. It's won awards the world over for the intgrated seat tube battery and beautiful fork mounted display screen. The Currie eFlow is definitely going to be a hot topic in 2013.

The eFlow electric bike also uses some of the best bicycle technoloy of the time: hydraulic disc brakes, integrated front suspension, a 20 speed SRAM drivetrain, and much more. To check out the latest amazing electric bicycle check out the Currie eFlow Nitro!

- - -
2013 eFlow Nitro Reviewed by Turbo Bob

We love it when enthusiasts send us their electric bicycle reviews. These always make up the most passionate and in depth electric bicycle reviews you can find. Turbo Bob, our friend in sunny California, reviewed the new eFlow Nitro bicycle and sent it to us to share.

We found Bob's review to exactly reflect our sentiment regarding the latest electric bike on the market- the eFlow E3 Nitro is fast and powerf, beautifully designed, and ready to get you outside and enjoying a ride down the road. Read Turbo Bob's eFlow E3 Nitro Review to learn more!

- - -
2013 IF Mode Now In Stock!

The new 2013 IF Mode folding bike is so gorgeous. It really is one of the most incredible looking folding bicycles on the market. If you want a folding bike that will turn heads and cause gasps of awe, this is the one to do it with.

The new 2013 IF Mode folds the same way as the old bike and has the same style frame but includes some nice upgrades. The folding parts are more durable and reliable, the gears are low maintenance, and the looks are just as stunning. This folding bike is more like a sculpture than a regular bicycle with the sort of design you'd expect to find in a futuristic car concept. Pick up a Pacific IF Mode and get ready to turn some heads!

- - -
Brompton bikes now have Live Inventory!

We sell more stock Brompton folding bicycles than any other folding bike. We also sell a lot of custom Brompton bicycles but the in stock Brompton bicycles tend to sell the quickest. With so many bikes to choose from we found it was difficult to tell people what colors and configurations we had in stock. That's why we decided to put up a live inventory spreadsheet.

Our live stock Brompton inventory shows you everything from what type of Bromptons we have in stock to the number we have to how much each model costs. Check it out, it's updated every hour!

- - -
Eric reviews the BionX bike motor kit

"What do you think I should try next" Eric asked, his eyes moving over our selection of electric bicycles and electric bike motor kits. "BionX." was my response, "For sure."

That's how Eric came to ride his first BionX electric bicycle. He rode it in the cold, cold February morning and came back freezing but happy. That's a good sign! Read Eric's BionX bike kit review to get all the details.

- - -
IF Mode - A breathtaking folding bicycle

The IF Mode has always been one of our most popular folding bicycles, simply for its unique and gorgeous looks. We've just received a new shipment of the latest model IF Mode bicycle for 2013. This bike is nearly identical to the older IF Mode save for some improvements in the folding mechanisms to increase durability. The IF Mode is one of the most beautiful folding bicycles we've ever sold.

Eric's latest review focus' on the beauty and form of the IF Mode bicycle. It's the bike he fell in love with when he first started working here and the glow of admiration really shows through in the review. Read Eric's IF Mode review to get a sense of what riding this beautiful full-size folding bicycle is all about.

- - -
KickPed - our most popular adult kick scooter of 2012

A last look back at 2012 revealed the KickPed as the best adult kick scooter of any we sold in 2012. Then again, it's no surprise really. This durable and indestructible kick scooter is based on 10 + years of experience selling and servicing adult kick scooters in Manhattan. Our customers had been suggesting improvements to the designs of kick scooters we carried for years and we kept saying, "Yep, that is a great idea." It wasn't until the KickPed that we found all the good ideas in one product.

If you have just started looking into an adult kick scooter for yourself we'd sure recommend watching our KickPed kick scooter video to get a sense of what this awesome adult kick scooter is all about.

- - -
Brompton Toolkit Review by Peter

The perfect tool for Brompton bikes was a long time coming. Brompton bike owners have been crafting their own little toolkits for years and asking the company for a perfectly integrated solution. Well that solution is here! The Brompton toolkit is a perfect road side repair solution. In terms of necessary Brompton accessories the toolkit is right up there with the cover bag or a light set.

Do you want to find out a bit more about the Brompton tool? Do you want to find out just how good it really is? Then read Peter's Brompton toolkit review for a first hand and hands on look at the Brompton toolkit.

- - -
Eric reviews the Dahon Formula S18 - fast folding bike

Folding bicycles can be as fast as road bikes - if you buy the right one. There are not a whole lot of super fast folding bikes but there are a few that really make the high performance grade. As you'll read in the latest folding bike review, the Formula S18 is one quick ridi

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