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Why Full Size Folding Bikes Are Awesome

Full size folding bikes rock

I've ridden all kinds of folding bikes. Big wheeled folding bikes, small wheel folding bikes, tiny compact ones, large and cumbersome ones... And even though my bike is a Brompton with 16 inch wheels, I can't deny the joy of riding a full size folding bike. Maybe it's because I'm 6 feet 2 inches tall, maybe it's because i grew up riding road bikes, but whatever the reason I just love to get on a folding bike that feels like a regular bike. What do I mean by full size folding bike? Well a few things actually.

Most full size folding bikes have larger wheels somewhere in the range of 24 to 26 inches in diameter. Full size folding bikes also have larger more spread out frames which give taller riders room. My Brompton folding bike is actually pretty good in this regard and I feel very comfortable on it but the ride is sometimes a bit bumpy. With larger wheels you get a smoother ride as the bike rolls over potholes and pavement cracks more easily.

Great full size folding bikes:

The Montague Paratrooper is one of the original - and still one of the best - full size fold up bikes on the market. It has the same wheels as a regular mountain bike, 26", and comes standard with front suspension, knobby tires, and disc brakes. This makes it ride just like the mountain bike you're used to but makes it much easier to transport or store.

The PRO model of this one - Paratrooper PRO - is an even more upgraded folding mountain bike and really looks great.

Full size folding bikes rock

One of my favorite full size folding bikes is the Tern Eclipse P9. The Eclipse P9 has all the best characteristics of a full size folding bike but still manages to fold up compact enough to take inside with you. That's the genius of the Eclipse P9, which makes it so perfect. You get 24 inch wheels that are large enough to really smooth out the bumps but not so large that you sacrifice the compactness of your folding bike. The Eclipse P9 is also cool because it is totally adjustable. The stem rotates through 270 degrees of fine tuned adjustment, allowing you to choose the riding style you want at any given moment.

If you want to really get the idea of just how large the Eclipse P9 full size folding bike is you should read my review of a similar - though no longer available - bike, the IOS P8. I discuss some of the cool features of this bike and why I was so happy with it in the end.

Storing a full size folding bike...

The only problem with most full size folding bikes is that they can't get that small when they fold up. This tends to limit their use a little bit because while you can store a full size folding bike in your house or apartment, but you might have some trouble taking it into the office with you. This is the unfortunate trade off. Luckily there are a few bikes which, although they aren't full size folding bikes, still have that full size bike feeling.

The two that come to mind immediately are the Brompton folding bike and the Dahon Jetstream. With these two it seems you can have your cake and eat it too thanks to excellent design and great workmanship. Take the Brompton for example, sure it has 16 inch wheels but because of it's shape and design it still has much of the feeling of a larger bike. The Jetstream has front and rear suspension, plus it's great design means excellent ride quality. You have to expect that too if your going to pay for those kinds of machines.

Whatever folding bike you choose I hope you are happy with your choice. Remember to consider both riding preference and how portable your bike will be. With the right mix you'll be itching to ride every day.

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