Folding bikes & compact bicycles by Brompton, Dahon, Tern & Montague

Folding bikes & compact bicycles by Brompton, Dahon, Tern & Montague

Fold up your list of complaints about daily urban commuting in your gas-guzzling automobile or via unreliable public transportation, and throw that list away. Instead, switch to a folding bike or compact bicycle available at NYCeWheels.

Whether you intend to use a folding bicycle to commute to work, to take leisurely rides on weekends despite lacking a car rack or just have fun riding around the neighborhood, you'll have plenty to choose from with NYCeWheels offering a selection of portable bikes by Brompton, Montague, Tern, Dahon and Pacific brands. These bikes can fit in a closet, a car trunk, under your desk at the office, or even on a train's luggage rack, opening up a world of convenient biking possibilities that will meet even the most stringent of cramped space challenges.

Brompton folding bicycles are so compact that they fold in on themselves, concealing the chain, keeping your clothes clean, and allowing you to tow the bike behind you instead of carrying it. A fully folded Brompton bicycle locks together, making it easy to carry using the nose of its seat as a handle. It can also be rolled behind like the way airline luggage is transported around. Montague Folding Bicycles ride just the same way conventional bicycles do, and they have wheels that are the same size as regular bicycles, as well as strong frames. What sets them apart are the quick and easy folding mechanisms. Tern folding bikes have exceptional hinge designs, great ride quality and a design that makes servicing them easy. Dahon bikes are a snap to fold quickly and come in all sizes, from the 16" wheel Dahon Curve D3 to the Dahon Matrix folding mountain bike. Hand-built Pacific Cycles are innovative and stylish, featuring a unique design highlighting compact folded size and superior ride quality.

What's it like to ride a folding bicycle?

Our selection of folding bicycles will be a pleasure to ride. We've picked only the best brands available to provide you a smooth, swift and safe riding experience.

The first time you ride your folding bike you may notice it's a little different than a regular bicycle, but not much. With smaller wheels the turning is a little more responsive. This makes it a bit easier to turn quickly if needed. With the added convenience of folding you will find yourself riding more often and spending more time enjoying the scenery than locking your bike up outside. Small wheels don't make you any slower. Many bikes we carry have multiple gears - some as many as a road bike! - and will be just as fast and good at hill climbing as a regular bicycle.

Foldable Bike Features

Modern folding bicycles use sophisticated hinges in the frame. When the bike is unfolded, ready to ride, these hinges lock in place securely. When you're ready to fold the hinges can be opened quickly allowing you to fold each bike in 15-20 seconds!

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