Dahon Formula S18 -high performance for an affordable price NYCeWheels.com

Dahon Formula S18 -high performance for an affordable price

Dahon Formula S18 The Dahon Formula has always been one of the best folding bikes for the price, fit with high-end parts, fast Kojak racing tires for speed, a tough frame for riding on rougher terrain - it really has the whole package and at an affordable cost.

And that is with the old price.

Now offered at a new price point, almost $200 cheaper than the original listing, the Formula is truly one of the most astonishing deals you'll ever come across. Lets take a look.

Disc Brakes on a Folding Bike?

Seriously - one of the very first things you will notice on the Dahon Formula S18 are the 20 inch Schwalbe Kojak tires and the Sram DB BB5 disc brakes. You just cannot miss those all black, slick looking tires. Plus, a folding bike with 20 inch wheels, equipped with front and rear disc brakes? That is just a unfair advantage when stacked against those other folding bikes that try to look hip.

Dahon Formula S18

With this bike, there is something to be said for the primarily all-black components, a white frame, and disc brakes. It is the sleek contrast, highlighting just enough of the frame, while also being stealth-like enough to not draw too much attention.

Double Chain ring? Double the fun!

Another piece of eye-candy on the Dahon Formula S18 is the double chain ring up front. This is not very common among folding bikes, but just another reason why this model will be turning heads on the bike path. Dahon Formula S18When combined with the Shimano Tiagra rear derailleur tending to the 9-cog cassette, you will have a wide range of gears to shuffle you along city streets and over city bridges.

With the versatility of the double chain ring, you will be able to ride faster, farther, and up steeper hills than other similarly equipped folding bikes with just one chain ring. This is just another advantage of the Dahon Foruma S18. Good looks and plenty of options when it comes to your riding preference and style.

Formula is Durable and Ready to Rock

The frame of the Dahon Formula S18 is made from aluminum, giving you a rock solid ride for years of durable biking. This entire bike weighs in at 26lbs, an impressively light weight, given that you are getting a fantastic set of components and the flexibility that comes with owning a folding bike!

Not only is the Formula one of the lighter folding bikes out there, but, you are also getting a durable bike that is perfectly suited for tough city streets and urban alleyways.

The Formula S18 is high performance at a Lower Cost

Dahon Formula S18 In all, the Dahon Formula S18 is the best high performance folding bike for the price, fit with great components, 18 speeds, fast yet durable, and now offered at a lower cost than many other folders on the market.

The new price is exclusive to NYCeWheels, and quantity is limited. Order the performance packed Dahon Formula S18 and get a deal of a lifetime.

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