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The IF Mode folding bike by Pacific Cycles is the chic, fashionable folding bike for the stylish rider. It's one of the few full-size folding bikes in our store, and is great for commuting. It also pivots easily on a single folding hinge, and can be wheeled around by a handle on top. You'll be sure to turn some heads if you're riding the IF Mode


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The Pacific Cycles IF Mode is one amazing folding bicycle and one incredible work of art. Its clockwork folding mechanism is naturally fluid and smooth, a radical design, unmatched among folding bikes. When folded it has the clean sculptural lines of a work of modern art, when unfolded it suggests the future of green transportation. The elegant enclosure of all its mechanical workings and shock absorbing s-shaped frame catch the eye and draw you towards it. The IF Mode bicycle is truly unique, sure to inspire you with every ride.

pacific IF Mode bike IF Mode features:
  • Uniquely beautiful sculpted design
  • Folds fast, in about 20 seconds
  • Full-sized wheels for smooth a ride
  • Very easy to roll when folded
IF mode bicycle

The IF Mode is the most stunning folding bike we have ever seen. Mark Sanders, designer of the unique Strida folding bike, worked together with Ryan Carroll and Michael Lin of Pacific Cycles to make this amazing folding bike a reality. This is definitely their coolest design to date. It's like the Aston Martin of Folding bikes.

The fully integrated drive system is maintenance free and keeps dirt and grease out of sight, and with its 2 speed drive system, shifting gears is a matter of clicking your heels (no ruby slippers required)! Read our review for a closer look at some of the features.

if mode folding bike video

If you love attractive designs and want to get around in style the IF Mode is for you. Because it folds into a small portable package it is great if you need to take it into the office or in a car. This is a very cool and unique folding bike.

IF Mode folding bike Specifications
Folded Dimensions16.5"(42cm) (H) x 9.8" (25cm) (W) x 39.3" (100cm) (L)
Weight32.4 lbs (14.7 kg)
FramePacific AL7005 Monocoque frame w/ single swingarm
ForkPacific AL7005 single arm
HeadsetBall Bearings f35x17x10mm
BBSpeed Drive integrated
Seat postPromax SP-728 AL 2014 31.6x400mm
Wheel Size26in
TiresKenda Kwick Roller Sport 26x1.5” (40-559)
RimsPressed Aluminum Alloy Tri-spoke 26x1.5” 28H
HubKT sealed bearings for single arm frame
ChainwheelSpeed Drive 27T w/CG
Freewheel15T sprocket
DerailleurSchlumpf Speed Drive dual speed system
ShifterHeel push bottom on BB axle
SaddleVelo VL-2064 Tan
HandlebarsPacific IF Mode Folding
StemIntegrated CNC to front fork
BrakesMechanical Disc Brake w/160mm rotors
Brake LeverMechanical disc brake lever

We don't have currently any specific accessories for this product listed, please refer to the parts and accessories section.
The Unique Beauty of the Pacific IF Mode

IF Mode bicycleThe first day I walked into NYCeWheels I immediately noticed a very interesting looking folding bike in the window. It's got a look all its own, completely unlike any other in the shop. At first glance it seems to be made of plastic. It has mag wheels, which I've always thought looked nice, but also imagined probably weren't really all that practical. The colors are curiously subdued in contrast with its otherwise ostentatious design. Without looking very closely I imagined that it must unfold into a rather strange shape, as its folded shape was absolutely different from any other folding bike I had ever seen. I knew upon first glance that this bike was going to be fascinating, and sure enough the IF Mode has solidified itself in my opinion as the most attractive full-size folding bike out there.

note: The IF Mode pictured on this page has some optional accessories: Brooks saddle, rack, fenders, kickstand.

One-of-a-Kind Integrated Folding Bicycle

IF Mode folding bike"Okay," I had been thinking to myself for a while, "This might be the most attractive full-size folding bike, but is it functional?" How did the fold stack up against the kind I had become accustomed to? First off, the design is really quite fascinating. It's one of very few bikes I've ever seen that can pull off a single arm fork, and the only one I've ever seen in person that has a single rear fork. Not only is this a cool innovation to see, it makes the fold of this bike absolutely unlike any other. If you take a look at a picture of this bike, you'll notice that the hubs seem to be rather large. Closer inspection will reveal that the hub actually has a very powerful (and very attractively integrated) magnet on the open side of each wheel. That's what keeps this beauty all closed up when it's folded. I couldn't get over how much sense that made yet I'd never seen it before on any other folding bike.

The rest of the fold is equally interesting. The rear wheel stays locked when the bike is folded, but the front wheel rolls freely. All you have to do to carry the bike is grab on to the dual-purpose stem/handle (in my opinion, the single most clever part of the entire design), tilt it slightly onto the front wheel, and roll it along as if you were pushing around a unicycle. So cool! It also requires shockingly few steps to fold the bike, considering how compact it becomes. After folding the frame and locking the wheel magnets, all that's left is to fold down each side of the handlebar (which makes me chuckle every time I see them just hanging on either side of the bike) and drop the seat. That's incredibly simple, even by folding bike standards. But, of course, I had yet to answer the age-old question: How did it ride?

Upper East to Midtown East in about 30 minutes

Eric riding the IF Mode bikeI had the pleasure of answering the age-old question recently when I got to deliver an IF Mode to a customer in Midtown East. I set out on the bike really only having folded one a few times and riding it for about 20 seconds in the street to take some photos. I knew that the bike featured a Schlumpf Speed Drive dual speed system, and I knew how it worked, but I had never in my life prior to this ride actually used this kind of shifting system. I felt pretty excited to be riding through Manhattan on the most attractive full-size folding bike I knew, but I didn't want to feel like an idiot if I couldn't shift the gears properly.

The ride didn't have all that much terrain the deal with, but I quickly learned that the shifting was so easy and so quick that I was shifting all the time! Every time I stopped at a light I would shift down so I could get started easily, and then when I got up to speed, just one tap of my heel and BOOM! I was cruising at an impressive clip, passing by delivery guys and commuters like it was a contest. I was really impressed with the gearing of the IF Mode. Only two speeds, I couldn't even SEE the drive train, and yet it was as responsive and efficient as any high-end road bike. The bike was comfortable and made it easy to forget how rough the road could be. I had the added bonus of riding on a Brooks B-17 standard saddle, which I have always found extremely comfortable, even before they're broken in. I flew down Manhattan island, the only slightly unpleasant experience being the January cold (although even that was rendered somewhat enjoyable just from the adrenaline and adventure of riding on such a unique bike!), and I admit I felt a twinge of jealousy when I finally handed off my brief companion to its new owner.

Admiration Leads to High Praise

Optional IF Mode kick standThe question always ends up "Would I recommend this bike?" The IF Mode is very unique, cool to look at and show off, and definitely fun to ride, but it's also pretty expensive and it's not really the kind of bike most people "need". Of course, what people "need" in a bike is pretty relative. Here's the bottom line from my perspective: People who think the IF Mode is the most attractive full-size folding bike they've seen, ridden one, folded one, and agree that it's as awesome as I think it is should definitely consider buying one.

People who are really hard on their bikes and tend to break things a lot might consider buying something different simply because this bike has so many unique parts and because so much of its appeal comes from the cosmetics. But really, anyone who is interested should get their hands on one and try it out for a bit. I guarantee the first time anyone folds an IF Mode they will end up with a big ol' smile on their face. I might not be buying one right away, but if I ever have more riding to do through which I can use it as an excuse to test ride one, you can bet I'll be on top of an IF Mode!

IF Mode Bike Review

pacific if mode bike

When I first saw the IF Mode folding bike I thought I might be dreaming, and that was before I had a chance to ride it! Once I started unfolding it I was sure I was dreaming, I mean, it's just too cool to be real. Where else do you see such an incredible integration of art and function? To see how it stacks up against our other folding bikes, I took the Pacific Cycles IF Mode out for a ride around the trendy and chic streets of New York City's West Village.

The IF Mode folding bike draws attention.

The day before was actually the first time I had ever been able to bring a bike into my building. Usually, the building manager hassles me about it being a fire hazard or too dirty, but with the compact folded IF Mode bike he just watched me roll it right into the elevator without a word. So the next day I rolled the folded IF Mode out of the elevator, through the front door and into the morning sunshine. Unfolding the bike takes a little practice, but after a few tries it boils down to one fluid motion that takes about 20 seconds. First you raise the seat and open the handle bars, then a quick pendulum swing of the front wheel opens the frame. Finally, lock one lever in place and open the pedals and you're ready to go! Resisting the temptation to fold and unfolding it again just for fun, I hopped on and headed up 6th avenue.

The Pacific Cycles IF Mode rides like a regular bike.

The IF Mode handled very well and felt pretty much like a regular bike. Its full sized wheels smooth out some of the bumps in the road and make it a bit faster than some of the other folding bikes. Another great aspect of the design is the S-shaped frame which flexes slightly and absorbs shock. With a solid frame it handled some small potholes and rough pavement without making me feel like it was about to collapse. One of the most unique features of the IF Mode bicycle is its Swiss made Schlumpf 2 Speed Drive. This gearing system fits right between the pedals, inside the bottom bracket. With this drive system, you shift by tapping your heels against buttons on the side of the crank arms! That means you don't have to move your hands to shift, you just tap the right side to cruise and the left side to start up or climb hills. And even though I love going fast, I appreciated the IF Mode's front and rear disk brakes. I could stop on a dime.

Goodbye dirt and grime, hello IF Mode!

I don't know about you, but I am tired of chain grease ruining my pants and getting all over my hands when I try to carry my bike up stairs or when putting it in a car. The IF Mode bicycle is designed with an enclosed drive train that keeps grease on the chain and off of you and your clothes. The design takes chain guards to the next level, fully enclosing the system, which minimizes contamination from dirt. This leaves your chain clean and running smoothly, ensuring that it will need little maintenance.

IF mode bike: an unsurpassed design.

There is really no other folding bike like the Pacific IF Mode. Pacific Cycles has been designing amazing folding bikes for years, culminating in the IF Mode. It is a perfect fusion of art and function. You can hang it on the wall of your apartment like a piece of modern art and then take it out for a ride around the block. You can show it off to friends at parties or impress people out on the street with its smooth rapid folding action. The IF Mode bike is the iPhone of folding bikes: a fantastic innovative design, way ahead of its time that synthesizes function and style. It's the perfect compliment to the modern life style.

With the IF Mode, you get what you pay for.

All in all, the IF Mode is an amazing product. It is more expensive than some other folding bikes, but it boasts an incredible unique design, and unmatched style. If you want the coolest folding bike on the market, one which will dazzle people with its design, the IF Mode is for you. So check out some awesome pictures and video of the Pacific Cycles IF Mode on our product page.

IF Mode Folding Bike Stops Traffic Due To Impeccable Design

This just in:

Traffic on 3rd Avenue slowed to a halt today as the new IF Mode folding bicycle sped down the shoulder of the road, causing motorists, pedestrians, and cyclists to stop and stare in wonder. The beautiful white finish of the bike contrasted sharply with anything else on the road, and it looked so solidly built it was hard to believe this was a folding bike. We caught up with Mark from NYCeWheels, who had the luxury of riding this glorious vehicle:

It was my day off, and with the gorgeous New York City weather (that's 40 degrees, for everyone in Florida and southern California), I figured it would be a great day for a bike ride. Our new IF Mode folding bike had also just arrived at the Areaware headquarters in Soho, so I thought why not ride it up to NYCeWheels and get a feel for the latest integrated folding technology?

Taking it out of the box, I noticed there was barely any maintenance required. I simply inflated the tires and I was ready to ride! The chain was completely enclosed, as well as the Schlumpf 2-gear shifter, built into the bottom bracket. Unfolding took four easy steps:

  • Open the handlebars
  • Extend the seatpost
  • Pull apart the wheels and latch the main frame
  • Flip down the pedals

On the corner of Spring Street and Broadway, before I even started my ride, I was stopped by an avid cyclist:

"Wow, this is some bike! Is it folding?"
I assured him it did, and did a small demonstration on the street corner. He was impressed and asked about our shop. It turns out he lives 4 blocks away! Luckily, this is the demo bike, so I told him to stop in and ride it himself. He lifted it up and noted how light it was compared to most full-size mountain bikes.

So I departed from Soho and headed up 3rd Avenue going north. The gear spacing was amazing! Second gear was fast enough to keep up with traffic. It was tougher on hills, but the low first gear tackled any sort of incline with ease. So I was riding with traffic, using the disc brakes for any sudden stops. It was super-responsive!

I stopped at a traffic light on 42nd street and a bike messenger pulled up next to me.
"Wow, is that the IF Mode? I've only seen this in magazines. You're the first person I've seen riding it in real life. How does it feel?"
I told him it rode like a dream, and demonstrated the integrated gear shifting by kicking the button on the bottom bracket. As the light turned green and we parted ways, he told me he'd stop by our shop to check it out for himself.

Pulling into NYCeWheels, I was exhilarated. It had been one of the best bike rides I had taken in quite some time. The IF Mode doesn't even feel like a folding bike. It's solid, and it handled the rough New York City roads very well. It's about 30 pounds to lift, but the design of the fold allowed me to grasp it by the handle and just wheel it through the shop with no effort. It's so convenient.

Judging by the amount of interest on the street alone, I would bet that this bike is going to make an impact on New York commuters in the near future.

Tern Eclipse S11i vs Pacific Cycles IF Mode comparison review

It's hard not to get excited about the IF Mode.

When Peter asked me to compare the Tern Eclipse S11i and the Pacific Cycles IF Mode, I must admit I was a little nonplussed. One is a fully-loaded luxury commuter packed with convenient features to make long urban rides a breeze; the other a futuristic head-turner with innovative and even experimental touches that make it hard to classify. But for their many differences, these bikes actually have a surprising amount in common--both are built around folding frames manufactured by some of the best brands in the business, both are designed for use in an urban setting, and both feature high end components with price tags to match. So you have some money to throw around, you know you want a folding bike, and you know you will be biking around the city...which bike is for you? Hopefully by comparing some of the key aspects of each,Cruising the streets on the Eclipse S11i. we can find an answer.

Let's start with perhaps the most immediate and practical distinction between the two--gears. The Eclipse S11i has eleven gears while the IF Mode sports a mere two. Essentially, the more gears you have, the more varied terrain and weight loads your bike can tackle, so on the face of it, the Eclipse has the solidly upper hand in this regard. However, gearing also has a lot to do with riding style. Single speeds and fixies are popular with riders who don't mind working a little harder to accelerate from a standstill or get up a hill, but find themselves cruising in one gear most of the time. If this describes you, the IF Mode's two gears might be an ideal choice--one gear is pretty low, and is to be used to accelerate and climb hills, while the other is pretty high, for cruising at top speeds. I found that I didn't really need much more than these two gears to get around New York City, and I greatly enjoyed using the Mode's unique spur-like bottom bracket-mounted shifters. That being said, I was still able to get around faster using the Eclipse's more traditional gear range.

The IF Mode's brilliant folding design makes for a slim profile

As folding bikes, both models have slightly smaller wheels than traditional road bikes, with the Eclipse S11i's 24-inch wheels making it a bit shorter when folded than the IF Mode with its mountain bike-standard 26-inch wheels. However, the folding game is where the IF Mode really excels, as its clever design and folding pedals affords the bike a much slimmer profile than Tern's bike, as well as the ability to be rolled along the ground using a handle that is cleverly built into the frame.

When it comes to accessories and conveniences, however, the Eclipse S11i really shines. This makes sense, given that the IF Mode is designed as a stripped-down minimalist marvel. With a rear rack, integrated dynamo lighting, innovative chain guard, ergonomic grips, and slick 11-speed internal hub, the Eclipse simply has everything when it comes to frills. It makes for a fulfilling ride that never leaves you wanting. The IF Mode features none of these amenities--futuristic beauty aside, it is really just a pair of wheels and gears that folds down really well.

The Eclipse S11i comes fully loaded with an 11-speed internal hub and disc brakes

If you are looking for a folding distance commuter that makes riding comfortable, safe, easy and fun, you cannot go wrong with the Tern Eclipse S11i. It is certainly a beautiful and practical bike. But for the design buff, who wants something new in their biking experience, who wants an ultra-portable bike that travels well on the subway, and--let's face it--wants a little extra attention, the IF Mode is a drool-worthy package. As one customer recently put it, "It's like something out of a James Bond movie."

So, do you want useful and luxurious, or striking and Bond-worthy? Make your choice and order the Tern Eclipse S11i or Pacific Cycles IF Mode (or both, for the indecisive!) today!

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