NYC store, sales person wanted

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NYC store, sales person wanted

Are you the next talent to join NYCeWheels?

NYCeWheels is not your average bike shop. We only offer products regular bike shops don't carry, including electric assisted bikes, folding bikes, and kick scooters. Our mission is to help our customers find the right bicycle for their needs. We focus on making customers feel comfortable with their purchase through quality information and open/honest communication. Your #1 goal is to make all customers feel comfortable and taken care of, supporting them through the sales process and later service interactions.

We have lots of web exposure so tons of store traffic is driven by our website. For this reason you'll have lots of emails and phone calls to answer as well. That helps to keep things interesting!

We are a diversified bunch of folks from all walks of life: Austria, Mexico, Brooklyn, Harlem, 96th street and Pennsylvania. We are bike riders, animal lovers, party animals...

The bicycling industry (and our shop) is growing fast and we see it growing faster every year. Join our team to be part of this exciting time.

Your job:

Full time Sales person- we need an efficient, 100% reliable, friendly and experienced sales person. You'll be selling bikes on the sales floor, communicating with customers via phone/email and receiving shipments:

  • You must be a positive person who works well with others
  • You must have good oral communication skills, including a strong command of business English using proper grammar, a pleasant speaking voice, good listening skills and a calm demeanor.
  • You must have good written communication skills, including use of business English, proper spelling, grammar and punctuation

Please, take the time to fill out the form below, we will take the time to read it and respond. There are no right or wrong answers.

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Retail experience *:
Have you worked in a bike shop? Previous shop experience is not required but if you have worked in one please list shop name/location, approximately how long you worked there, and what position you held. If you haven't worked in a bike shop, list the other retail positions you've held. If you have any special experience answering a lot of emails or phone calls also mention that.

Bike experience *:
Please detail your technical knowledge of bicycles including any professional experience.

Do you ride a bike?:
I ride about once a week or so.
(Almost) daily.

Are you planning to stay for a while?*:
I just need a job for a few months.
I can commit to at least a year.
I am potentially here for the long-haul. I like to stay once I settle in.

My Story *:
Check out our website to see what we are all about. If you think this job is for you, please write me one page worth (in the space below) and tell me why you would be a perfect fit for the job.
(Do not post your resume here, we will ask you to email it if we feel we need it)

Message from Bert, Owner: NYCeWheels is growing every year. The shop is a fast paced, but also fun environment to work in. I want everyone to wake up in the morning and feel like they can't wait to get to work (myself included). We try to have fun in the office and I think for the most part, we all like each other. I am flexible and very demanding all at the same time. Well, it seems like you are still reading, that's a good sign.

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