Adult kick scooters by KickPed, Citykickers, Micro scooter, Razor A5 and Xootr
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Adult Kick Scooters, Manual Push Scooters - KickPed, CityKicker

You'll be 3 times faster on your kick scooter! Our high quality push scooters will keep you comfortable and safe while scooting with your kids or on the way to work. You'll smile every time you get on.

Our selection of adult kick scooters have larger wheels and platforms than those small kids scooters you've seen around. The large wheels are much better at rolling over bumps and will provide you with a smoother and safer ride. The sturdy construction will ensure your scooter lasts for years to come.

KickPed | our toughest kick scooter

  • Welded steel frame and soft rubber tires
  • You will be able to ride for hours in comfort
  • Hand made in California to NYCeWheels custom design!
Starting at $229.00
KickPed kick scooter
KickPed kick scooter

CityKicker, our most stylish kick scooter

  • Wide deck and hand brake like a bicycle
  • You will have plenty of space for a second rider up front
  • Optional cork grips to match eco style!
Starting at $249.00
CityKicker kick scooter
CityKicker kick scooter

Micro Flex Air Tire Kick Scooter

  • Inflatable air tires, flexible wooden deck
  • You'll love the comfort and light weight of this scooter
  • The only air tire scooter we carry!
Starting at $239.00
Micro Flex Air Scooter
Micro Flex Air Scooter

Micro Adult kick scooter, Micro Black & Micro White

  • Swiss design folds up very small
  • Big wheels will make riding safer and more fun
  • Comes with a bonus kickstand!
Starting at $199.99
Micro kick scooter
Micro folding bicycles

Razor A5 Lux Kick Scooter

  • Lightest scooter - just 8lbs
  • You'll be safer and speedier than on a small kid's scooter
  • Simple design and operation
Starting at $99.99
Razor A5 kick scooter
Razor A5 kick scooter

What will your kick scooter be like?

Riding a kick scooter is about 3 times faster than walking! Riding one is easy:

  1. Unfold
  2. Hold the handlebars and step on the deck
  3. Kick!
  4. Smile as you cruise easily down the street...

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Micro Flex Air Adult Kick Scooter

Experience comfort and quality for adults and kids 8+. Our only scooter with rubber, air-filled tires, Flex Air brings the fun of riding to sidewalks and roads that were once too rough for the original polyurethane version. The extra-large, treaded tires grab uneven surfaces, and the wide sandwiched deck flexes to carry you smoothly over ups and downs. An integrated back brake system and padded handlebars add to your comfort and control.

Micro Flex Air Adult Kick Scooter