LaFree Sport electric bicycle

LaFree Sport electric bicycle

LaFree Sport electric bicycle
The LaFree Sport motor is activated by your pedal pressure and will increase as you exert more force. So, as you work harder, LaFree matches your effort with extra power. When you go up a hill, the LaFree Sport motor senses the need for more power and automatically delivers. A unique feature is LaFree Sports VPC, or Variable Power Control. Give the right grip a twist and you control the ratio between your own pedal efforts and the LaFree motor. Select an equal partnership or let the motor do close to all the work - or anywhere else in between on a continuum.

The LaFree Sport motor will output power of up to 1,000 Watts peak, and with the unique feature of allowing the motor to drive through 7 gears. The system will assist you up to 18 mph, and crest the steepest hills with little more effort than if pedaling leisurely on level ground. While it allows for strong pedal-input, it also works well in "pretend-pedaling" mode.

The LaFree has a lockable battery, drive it up to any 110 outlet and plug in the charger, or remove the battery pack and recharge anywhere you like. It takes up to 4 hours to fully charge a drained battery. However, a partial charge is acceptable, LaFree's batteries do not require being fully drained prior to charging and have no memory.

Extremely user-friendly, LaFree has an indexed gear shifter and throttle for intuitive speed adjustments. The brakes will automatically disengage the power-assist motor when applied. The energy level indicator will make sure you never run out of power unexpectedly. The battery has a full-charge indicator light for no-hassle management, and a built-in diagnostic system that alerts you to anything not working properly. The LaFree Sport is built to take all the bumps and potholes that the road might throw your way. Front shocks, extra long wheel base, a strong aluminum frame, ideally placed motor and battery pack, and a wide, supportive suspended seat help smooth out the rough stuff by absorbing most of the shock. LaFree's handlebars are raised so you don't have to strain by leaning forward; this lets you sit more upright, in a position that reduces stress to your body. These comfort features allow you to sit back and enjoy the ride.

The LaFree Sport is made by Giant which is one of the world's leading bicycle manufacturers. This stylish, high quality ebike has plenty of power, offers a smooth ride, and handles well. An exceptional value, it includes a state-of-charge gauge, fork lock, and fenders.


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