Giant electric bikes are one of the best quality electric bicycles available
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GIANT electric bicycles

Giant electric bikes, or LaFree bikes (as they were once known), have been around longer than any other brand in our store. Known as "The Global Bicycle Company," Giant bikes span the world across fifty countries. They've been involved with standard bicycle manufacturing for almost three decades, and are always on the cutting edge of cycling technology.

Giant electric bikes utilize hybrid cycling technology, a combination of pedal power and motor power that maximizes the range of the battery. Giant bikes can travel further than other electric bikes because of the efficient use of the battery. Plus - it's all automatic! Just set your speed ahead of time, and the sensor in the pedals will power the motor based on the rider's effort.

If there's a company that know quality and innovation, it's Giant. They're some of the most well put together bikes in our store.

Giant bicycles electric hybrid bikes

We've carried Giant electric bikes for years, and have seen almost every model they've released. This is a listing of every Giant electric bike, current models and discontinued models, available only for in-store pickup at NYCeWheels in New York.

Giant bicycles electric hybrid bikes