LashOut electric bike review by Ken Kalb

LashOut electric bike review by Ken Kalb

Lashout Electric Bike The story of the Electric bicycle industry is one of continuous refinement and evolution. Many market entries have come and gone, each bequeathing a legacy of innovation and mistakes. Enter the new LashOut electric bike. After rigorous and meticulous R + D, LashOut has enhanced the strengths and improved upon the weaknesses. The result: One rock solid product that will tickle your world. There is little doubt that the Currie bike was the major springboard for the LashOut. The Currie E-Ride is a fabulous concept and good product, yet has had certain areas which compromised the product. The LashOut takes this concept to the next level of quality and performance. The basic format of utilizing 120 years of bicycle evolution by employing a genuine bicycle is intact -- but with scores of improvements. The Electro-drive has been replaced with a Disc Gear Propulsion System, a bulletproofed design with zero apparent friction for a smooth freewheeling experience. This translates into higher efficiency, performance, and durability.

The in-frame battery system has been improved with an easy on-off quick-release mechanism for a higher quality 24 volt 12 amp SLA battery. By fastening it more securely on the down-tube where gravity is naturally pulling it, gone is the nerve-racking battery rattle. It even has a most welcome 3-position battery condition gauge. Sporting 40% more power with its High Torque 600 Watt brushless motor, I was able to climb serious hills as well as top out at almost 20 mph on the flat! The LashOut makes the claim of a 20 mph/20 (much more downhill or pedaling) mile range machine a humble reality, not wishful thinking.

The 17 inch unisex gloss black frame will fit any rider over 5 feet tall. It is a twin-shock full suspension swing arm design for a silky "sports car" ride which even took the sting out of the bumpy Santa Cruz Wharf area. Handling is so nimble, I started getting a bit cocky leaning into corners on my very first ride. Double wall rims and high performance cross terrain tires connect the rider securely to the road.
Gone is the superfluous front derailleur, leaving 7 speeds with the capacity to add an 8th Maxi-range low gear for those who need to climb San Francisco-style hills. Gears are controlled with the left hand grip shift and motor acceleration with the right hand thumb throttle. Instead of a flimsy bicycle kickstand, there is a sturdy motorcycle-style "centerstand" which can do double duty for tune-ups or flat repairs. About the only caveat I can offer is that the top-tube shock absorber might prohibit using certain bicycle transport racks. With the electric bicycle tar pits filled with the dinosaurs of the EV-Warrior, ETC systems, Bikit, Zap and the like, the LashOut emerges from the ashes to greet the new dawn. By combining a simple and solid design with excellent craftsmanship and performance, the next level of evolution has been reached. At this price, it seems a bargain for those who can permit themselves to have this much dependable fun.

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