LashOut electric bike
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LashOut electric bike

LashOut electric bikeDISCONTINUED

LashOut electric bike When comparing performance for price in electric bikes, it's difficult to beat the Lashout. Based around a solid steel, suspended mountain bike frame, this bike is a tough customer. The motor provides outstanding torque, and is fully sealed against the elements. The 24volt battery pack delivers superior output, and is very efficient for long trips. Since the battery pack is mounted on the down tube, the center of gravity on the bike is quite low, making the Lashout stable on any terrain. The 7 speed drive train means efficient pedaling with or without the motor, and the battery can be removed to turn the Lashout into a great non-electric mountain bike.

The Lashout electric bike runs on a power on demand system, which means you only have to pedal if you wish to do so. The high torque, high performance motor will bring you up to speed within seconds on flat ground or the steepest incline. The Lashout's front suspension fork and rear frame suspension ensure a smooth ride on the trail, at the beach or even on the potholed thoroughfares of Manhattan.
A 4 hour quick charger is included with the Lashout, and is small enough to take a long for the ride, and since the battery is removable, you have many different charging options available. The gel seat and handlebars are both fully adjustable to find the perfect, comfortable fit for nearly any rider. Throw in the heavy duty center mount kickstand normally found on motorcycles, and the Lashout shapes up to be the electric bike deal of the century.

We also have an optional Topeak fender and luggage rack kit (as shown in picture) available to make your LashOut electric bike a real commuter. In addition most standard bicycle accessories fit on the Lashout, so it can be custom tailored for any use you can imagine. Think of the Lashout as a blank electric slate for you to paint with.


Total riding weigh including battery is 74lbs
A beefy 17.5 inch frame
Top speed of 18 mph