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...the lightest folding bike?

What is the lightest folding bike?   One of the main things you might look at when picking a folding bike is its weight. In many instances, weight is a larger factor in the decision making process than it is when deciding upon a standard bike, as many folding bikes have the added benefit of being compact enough to carry around in one hand. As such, a manageable weight is a big plus. All of that said, we frequently encounter the following question: "What is the lightest folding bike?" By and large, every folding bike that we carry is engineered to be a light folding bike. If folding bike manufacturers did not make the effort to produce a light folding bicycle (or a compact folding bicycle, for that matter) it would be completely illogical. With a variety of options out there, within the large group of already light folding bikes there are a few models that can claim the title of the lightest folding bike.

While its standard models are head to head in weight class with a number of other folding bikes, Brompton offers a line of titanium folding bikes that take the prize. The lightest of these titanium bikes weighs in at 18 lbs, making it the lightest folding bike on the market. Brompton bikes can come with a wide variety of features and accessories, allowing you to really customize your ride. With all of these options in mind, the full possible range in weight for Brompton folding bikes is 18 to 26 lbs. Some customers have noted a huge difference in the feel of the titanium bikes as opposed to the steel bikes while carrying them. Others have found that the difference is negligible. It really depends upon your anatomy and how often you'll be carrying the Brompton while folded. If it is extremely important to you that you have the lightest folding bike, then a titanium Brompton would be the best folding bike for you. No matter the scenario, with the lightest steel framed Brompton weighing 22 lbs you'll still be riding (and carrying) a particularly light folding bicycle.

The lightest folding bike: the runner-ups

While it doesn't hold the honor of being the lightest folding bicycle, the Birdy folding bikes weigh at an average of 22 to 24 lbs. Another light folding bicycle would be the Xootr Swift Folder, weighing in at 22 lbs. That said, while the Brompton is the lightest folding bike, all of the other models that we carry are close behind. In fact, none of the folding bikes that we carry weigh more than 26 lbs. Given that folding bikes are so light by nature, the term light folding bike is almost redundant. As such, coming in at such a close second, third or fourth place to the lightest folding bike is almost as good as being the lightest folding bike.

We have detailed product pages for all of the above mentioned bikes competing for the title of 'lightest folding bike.' Please visit them for further information.

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