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Stromer Battery

Stromer Battery

Stromer Battery

Item # P-OEM-STM-Battery
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The Stromer battery is available in several versions from NYCeWheels. Designed for the 2012 Stromer Sport, the Stromer ST1 Elite and the ST1 Platinum, these 36V batteries come with your choice of 10 Ah, 11 Ah or 14.5 Ah. Though the 10 Ah originally came with the Stromer Sport, the 11 Ah came with the ST1 Elite and the 14.5 Ah came with the ST1 Platinum, these batteries may be used on any of these Stromer models. Do not try to use them with any other electric bike systems, however.

As with all of its products, Stromer stands behind these batteries with a generous warranty. It covers its batteries for two years or 1,000 full loading cycles, whichever comes first.

This battery pack is an original Stromer part made to fit the Stromer Sport and ST1s, and it will fit perfectly. You can use any of these batteries to replace a worn-out battery, or you can carry one as a spare in case you want to extend your range of have a backup if your current battery fails.

Notes on Compatibility:

  • 2012 Stromer Sport (V1) bikes come with 10 Ah batteries
  • ST1 Elite - Bikes came with 11 Ah batteries
  • ST1 Platinum - Bikes 14.5 Ah batteries
  • You can use any battery in any bike.

VoltageAll models - 36V
  • 10 Ah = 360 Wh
  • 11 Ah = 396 Wh
  • 14.5 = 522 Wh