BionX Electric Bike: Picking the Best Motor

BionX Electric Bike: Picking the Best Motor

So you're ready to buy a BionX electric bike kit. You have your bike picked out, a spot reserved in the bike room at work, and a fancy new helmet. The only problem is the three different motor options BionX offers. How do you choose the right one? There's the BionX PL250: a low power but lightweight system, the BionX PL350: a versatile well-rounded workhorse, and the BionX PL500: a speedy drag racer. Everything sounds so appealing! True, there are some advantages and drawbacks to each one, and we're here to break it down for you. Let's see which BionX electric motor kit has the best options.

Lightweight and Compact: The BionX PL250

BionX PL250 is the most lightweight kit The best introduction to the BionX electric bike kit is the PL250. At 250 watts, this motor isn't going to go much faster than 18 miles per hour. It's also only running on a 24 volt battery, so it's considerably lighter than its 36-volt counterparts. The nice thing about the BionX PL250 is the availability of a more compact battery mount. Taking up about as much space as a water bottle, the PL250 doesn't feel like you're lugging around any extra weight. It's ideal for someone who wants a taste of electric power, but still wants the benefits of a bicycle ride.

The Best All-Around: The BionX PL350

BionX PL350 with a rear rack mount It's no question that the most popular BionX electric bike kit is the PL350. It has a powerful 350 watt motor, a 36 volt Lithium battery, and two mounting options. The motor will hit about 20 miles per hour on the flat, and has enough torque for steep hill climbing. Mounted on the water bottle, the battery and motor weight are equally distributed across the bike. The new rear-rack mount allows for a more stylish battery, though it weighs down the rear of the bike quite a bit. Can't make up your mind about the right BionX electric bike kit? Go for the BionX PL350. It's the best all-around system.

The Speed Demon: The BionX PL500

BionX PL500 is built for speed! Do you have a need for speed? Well maybe you should buy a vespa. The PL500 tops out at about 25 miles per hour on a 26" or 700c rim. While it's slightly faster than the PL350, it loses a bit of the torque on steep hills. For a flat city like New York, that's perfectly fine. The 500 watt motor uses the same battery, so don't expect to travel as far as the PL350. This beast uses a lot more juice. All that said, the BionX PL500 is pretty quick, and can be really advantageous for short, flat commutes.

With this versatility in motor speed alone, it's no wonder BionX is consistently viewed as the best electric bike conversion kit money can buy. Stop in to NYCeWheels and test drive the BionX electric bike motor kit!

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