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Razor A5 Lux Kick Scooter

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The Razor A5 kick scooter is the larger Razor scooter and suited for adults as well as kids over 8 years old. The Razor A5 kick scooter has very large wheels making it much safer than any other aluminum kids kick scooter. Razor is the largest kick scooter manufacturer in the world and has produced 115,000 kick scooters a day in the peak years.


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  • Razor A5
  • Large wheels
  • Fast folding
  • Weighs only 8 lbs
  • Adjustable handlebar
  • Great scooter
Razor A51 Large wheels2 Fast folding3 Weighs only 8 lbs4 Adjustable handlebar5 Great scooter6

The popular Razor Scooter is now available in a new deluxe size: the Razor A5 kick scooter. With extra large 8" wheels, it's the smoothest ride we offer! Those larger wheels also make this kick scooter very safe, unlike the smaller Razor scooter which tend to launch you over the handlebar when you hit a crack in the road.

Our Razor A5 kick scooter is for kids from 8 years young and older. Lots of our fully grown customers now purchase this great little scooter for commuting and to keep in the trunk of a car for backup.

Razor A5 features

  • Extra large 8-inch urethane wheels for the smoothest ride!
  • Very safe, huge wheels limits risk of going over the bar.
  • Super-strong aluminum T-handle bar- fully height adjustable
  • Easy to fold, carry and transport
  • No assembly required

Razor A5 Video The new A5 LUX Kick Scooter is the perfect kick scooter for ages 8 and up. The A5 kick scooter has a short deck, making it very compact to store and easy to maneuver. The quick release folding latch allows you to fold down in under 5 seconds. The quick release-adjustable handlebar makes it easy to share this scooter with the entire family.

The A5 kick scooter is a great way to keep up with the kids on their smaller razor scooters.

Razor A5 Lux Specifications
BrakeIntegrated rear spoon fender brake
WheelsUrethane Wheels, 200 mm
BearingsABEC-5, high performance ball-bearings
Weight9.8 lbs
Dimensions35" x 21" x 41"
HandlebarQuick release height adjustable
Handlebar HeightAdjustable between 26" to 35.5"
Capacity220 lbs
FrameSolid aluminum construction

We don't have currently any specific accessories for this product listed, please refer to the parts and accessories section.
Razor A5 Reviews

Below is a sample of online reviews for the Razor A5 kick scooter

The Razor A5 is great

"I did a lot of research before deciding on this scooter and I'm sooo glad i picked the Razor A5. It's great! The larger wheels are perfect because we live in a community with speed-bumps. The A5 kick scooter is easy to fold up and unfold, my 9 y/o and 14 y/o won't stop riding it. "

My son loves his A5 kick scooter

"My son got one of these for his 7th birthday. My daughter has had a smaller Razor scooter for years, which the kids all love. This new scooter is FAST! I love to ride it (I'm 41)! Now all the kids in the neighborhood take turns on the new scooter. The larger wheels handle bumps much better than the small scooter. I like to see the kids having fun getting exercise."

The A5 Lux is very fast

"This scooter is super fast. My son likes the scooter and he rode it around the block 3 times. I rode it too and it was good. It can ride in dirt, grass, and rough surface. Other scooters can't do that. The only thing that the scooter has problems with is that it costs more than the small ones. This scooter is just super-fast."

Sell your car, get the Razor kick scooter

I bought this scooter to use to get to and from public transit. It works great for that purpose, with surprisingly good ability to absorb sidewalk bumps.
A previous reviewer mentioned the wheels feeling like they were out-of-round. I think the actual effect is that the wheel flexes as a pair of the 5 spokes aligns with the ground. I don't notice the effect as much at high speeds or on asphalt, but at low speed on smooth concrete it's more noticeable. There's very little variation at the rolling surface of the wheel when it spins in the air.
Like other reviewers, I find this machine likes to glide a long time; I can really cover some ground when I take good long strides. The two feet side by side works for me [...] It allows me to easily swap which foot I push while at full speed without upsetting the balance of the scooter.
I agree with other reviewers that this scooter needs a substantial amount of stopping distance at full speed. My 5-year old daughter loves the handling of this scooter (as do I). I think I'll be getting her one as well.

This kick scooter is too fast

The Razor A5 is very compact, but sturdy. It works for me. However, don't use this for long distance though. 2 mi may be the limit for me. Also, make sure you ride this on fairly smooth surface and avoid curbs. I fell down once when I accidentally hit the curb, not fun.

The A5 kick scooter, for kids of all ages

I have ridden both the regular (small wheel) Razor Scooter and the big wheel (A5 Lux) scooter. I am 64 years old and weight 165 pounds. The A5 Lux is a heavier scooter and a much smoother riding scooter. But, it is not so heavy that you can not do tricks on it, such as, "bunny hop", "curb hop," "tail swing" "180 degree hop" and other various jumps that you can do on the small wheel scooters. (I am still working on the "360".)
It is a great cruiser for longer rides and it seems to be faster than the small wheeled scooters. The younger folks (i.e. 8 to 13 year olds) such as my grand kids can do all the same tricks on the A5 Lux as they can do on their small wheeled models.
I would highly recommend the Razor A5 Lux for "kids" of all ages who just want to have fun!!!!!

Awesome Kick Scooter, the A5 rocks

I just got this kick scooter. My friend let me try his scooter (well, he did not really let me try it, but he was not around so I grabbed it and took it for a spin) I fell in love with the handling and endless glide of this scooter. I ordered one and got it in 2 days.
My Dad has a Xootr scooter but doesn't let me use it since he takes it to work every day. He doesn't share anything with me, not even the car (I am already 9 years old and know how to drive) His Xootr is really nice too but costs 2 times more than the Razor A5.

Razor A5 Lux Adult Scooter Review

Scooting along on the Razor A5I did not realize, when my mother finally relented and bought me a Razor scooter for my 10th birthday, that riding that silver and emerald vehicle 3 blocks to one of my many cat-sitting jobs would end up being good training for a career at NYCeWheels. At the time, I was quite set on enjoying my Razor, so I bore with patience the slings and arrows of riding any conveyance with such tiny wheels: my teeth chattering as I lurched over rough asphalt, my eyeballs bouncing cartoon-style in their sockets, or being ejected from the deck at the occasional collision with a menacingly oversized pebble. I figured that these hazards were simply an innate part of scooter-based travel, and there was nothing to be done about it.

The reason my precarious travels on the original Razor were a good preparation for my current job at NYCeWheels in that they gave me a point of reference from which to analyse the build and ride quality of the many scooters that we stock. Most recently, I took a little joyride on the Razor A5 adult scooter, and I must admit I was pretty impressed.

Razor A5: An easy-to-use adult scooter

The first aspect of the A5 scooter that I appreciated was its large wheels. Contrary to my childhood memories of the small-wheeled Razor, the A5 rode smoothly and quickly, even over rough concrete. Its rounded, grippy wheels gave decent traction and maneuverability as I glided downhill, weaving around unsuspecting Gothomites and their undersized dogs. Despite my misgivings about a product that I knew to be mass-produced in foreign markets, it felt relatively well-constructed under my weight, even when I hit some of the bigger bumps on York Avenue. I am not convinced that these scooters would have an overly long lifespan if used for a daily commute of appreciable length, but for the casual rider, or anyone who just wants a scooter for the occasional trip to the corner store and back, it should be just fine.

The folding mechanism on the Razor A5 is very easy to use--just pull a lever, open the scooter from its folded position, and a spring-loaded bar locks the stem into place when the handlebars are fully upright. Folding the A5 scooter is just as easy. Razor even thought to include a tiny kickstand, which makes for a nice way to display its handsome brushed aluminum chassis. On the blue variant that I rode, the metal body was complimented by subtle camo-like patterned decals on both the front-facing logo and the deck tread. Some may find the look a bit over the top, but I found it rather charming--the A5's brash character reminded me again of the fun I had on scooters as a kid.

Overall, I found the Razor A5 to be a speedy and fun scooter. While it lacks both the bullet-proof construction of the KickPed and the elegant craftsmanship of the CityKicker, it certainly will get you from A to B reliably at an unbeatable price, and you may even have fun while you do it. I think this kick scooter is perfect for anyone needing to keep up with a family member who may be rolling a bit too fast to keep up with on foot, or for someone who wants to get their toes wet in the world of scooters before investing in a long-term two-wheeled companion.

About the Author

Miles Schneider coordinates social media for NYCeWheels in New York City. He also plays six string electric violin, and rather enjoys the company of dogs.

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