Sanyo Eneloop electric bike

Sanyo Eneloop electric bike

Item # EP-BI-SAN-Eneloop

The Sanyo Eneloop electric bike is one of the most beautifully designed electric bikes. It has a smooth pedal-assist motor, and a long-range Sanyo Lithium battery, which can be recharged using regenerative braking. The Sanyo Eneloop is also an easy electric bike for beginner riders.

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A durable, well-integrated electric motor is the primary focus of the new Sanyo Eneloop electric bike. This pedal-assist electric bike has a barely noticeable 250 watt motor that is designed to help the rider pedal without effort. Its step-through frame and large tires are reminiscent of the once popular three-speed Dutch bikes. Even the wide, comfortable seat comes in a beautiful brown color with suspension. It's a retro look with a modern feel.

 Sanyo Eneloop bicycle features:

  • Two modes of pedal-assist plus Auto mode
  • Regenerative braking
  • Three-speed internal hub gears
  • Durable rear rack and fenders included

"Standard" pedal assist mode is a 1:1 ratio of electric power to human power. This means the energy put into pedaling is matched exactly by the motor. In "Power Up" mode, the motor will double this energy in a 2:1 ratio. Use this mode for steeper hills. The Eneloop Electric bike will automatically switch between these two modes in "Auto" mode, depending on the incline of the hill.

They don't call it the Eneloop for nothing: the regenerative braking charges the battery in an "energy loop" while you ride! Just pull on the rear brake lever while riding downhill (over 5 mph) and you'll start to recharge the battery. This is a unique feature on the Sanyo Eneloop electric bike that can extend the length of your trip!

Out of all the electric bikes we carry, nothing has the seamless feel of the Sanyo electric bicycle. It's not just a bike with a motor attached, it's a fully integrated smart-bike. Electric bike technology doesn't get much better than this.

MotorDC, brushless motor, 250W
Charging TimeApprox. 3 hrs. 30 mins
BatteryLithium-ion battery 25.2 V 5.7Ah (rated Value)
Distance Travelable on One Charge17-35 miles depending on mode and road
Brake front:Side pull caliper type (dual-pivot type)
Brake rear:Roller brake
Length and Width72.8 x 22.4
Saddle Height29.5 - 36.6
Rider Height4'6 or taller
Tire Size26 x 1-3/8
Total Weight50.3 lbs including battery
GearingInternal, 3 speed hub
Light3-head white high-intensity LED battery-operated light

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Sanyo Eneloop electric bike review

Today I took a Sanyo Eneloop electric bike out for a cruise to see why people around the shop started calling it the "smile-machine." I mean, smile-machine is a pretty serious nickname. Sure it looks cool, but could it really be the best electric bike? Our shop in Manhattan's Upper East side is near a wide variety of riding terrain, so it was an ideal place for me to put the Sanyo Eneloop electric bicycle through the paces.

Sanyo electric hybrid bicycle

Smooth power sets the Sanyo Eneloop electric bike apart

With the first pedal stroke down York Avenue I noticed something different from the other electric bikes I had ridden. There was no jolt, no feeling of the motor taking over. What I mean is, some of the older style electric bicycles I had ridden would suddenly activate midway through the first or second pedal stroke. This quickly accelerated the bike and, if I wasn't ready for it, made me feel a bit out of control and uncomfortable. I'm really glad the Sanyo Eneloop electric bicycle has evolved beyond this.

As I turned the corner and headed down hill from York to 84th I decided to see how fast this Sanyo hybrid bicycle would go. I looked down at the controller which read, "Auto - Standard - Power Up." I pressed power up and noticed an immediate speed boost. As I pedaled harder it responded with more electric power, which really made me feel in control of the bike. When I stopped pedaling at the bottom of the hill the motor stopped instantly and I came to a easy stop, no fighting the motor with this bike! What a relief.

For the feel of a regular bike, there's nothing like a Sanyo hybrid bicycle.

Another thing I really liked was that the Sanyo Eneloop electric bike still felt like a bicycle, not a moped. The Eneloop is a hybrid bike, merging the riders muscle power with electric motor power. This makes its range much longer and, in my opinion, made it much more fun to ride.

After waiting for the green signal I headed over to Carl Schurz Park, right on the East River to get a taste of riding my Sanyo electric hybrid bike on a bike path. The park is beautiful this time of year, sunshine filling every space in the afternoon. I rode uptown for about a mile and stopped to take a some photos. I realized after a few minutes that I wasn't focusing on the bike at all, I was just enjoying the scenery. I guess it had just faded into the back of my mind because it was so easy to ride. I knew I had to get back and write up my review, so I reluctantly turned around and headed for the shop.

The Sanyo Eneloop electric bicycle: two thumbs up!

The Sanyo Eneloop electric bike was a pleasure to ride, and certainly deserves the title "smile-machine." I haven't ridden another bike that felt so much like a regular bike. The smooth pedal assistance and clean acceleration were very nicely integrated, and felt natural. I would really love to take it out for a longer ride, maybe up and down the Riverside park, which runs the length of Manhattan's west side. All in all, I'd say the Sanyo Eneloop electric bike is perfect for riders that want to have the feel of a regular bike, without compromising the power of a normal electric bike.

An In-depth Look at The Sanyo Eneloop Electric Bike

A Sanyo Eneloop electric bike on the street

The Sanyo Eneloop electric bike is super fun to ride, perfect for everyday commuters and recreational riders alike. It feels and handles like a regular bike and is even light enough to pedal with no battery power at all. Billed as a synergetic electric hybrid bicycle, the Eneloop uses the latest in regenerative braking and battery technology to combine your pedal power with an electric pedal assist.

Sanyo has been leading the electric battery industry for years. You can find there batteries in many popular electric bicycles, but this is the first fully-Sanyo electric bike. This bike is packed with awesome new technology that sets it apart from the thousands of electric bikes on the market. I wrote a Sanyo Eneloop electric bike review a few days ago, outlining my first impressions. This article goes further in depth, exploring what makes the Sanyo Eneloop electric bike unique.

Getting acquainted with the Sanyo Eneloop electric bike

Before we get into some of the more technical aspects of the Sanyo Eneloop electric bike. Let's check out some of the things that make it just plain cool! I look for features that make a bike useful and simple. I don't like complicated procedures or useless features. The Sanyo rates high for style and looks, and as it turns out, it its very easy to use too.

Components of the Sanyo Eneloop electric bike

Installation and removal of the battery is a quick 2 step process. To install it you simply face the handle towards the rear wheel and rotate it into place. A nice solid click confirms a secure connection. The battery is now locked in place and safe to ride with. To remove it, insert and turn the key, then pull the battery towards you. It comes out effortlessly, with no resistance.

With the battery in place, we turn our attention to the controller. The controller on the Sanyo Eneloop electric bike may appear simple, with only three buttons, but don't be fooled. This easy to understand design puts all the information you need right under your nose. It has three buttons: on/off, mode, and lights on/off. The amount of charge remaining in the battery is indicated by three red LEDs above the on/off button. When fully charged there are three solid LEDs. You know it's time to recharge when the right hand LED blinks fast. There are three modes: auto, standard, and power-up. With auto mode the controller reads the force you are pedaling with and adjust power output accordingly up to a 1:2 ratio. On standard mode the motor will always assist pedaling with a 1:1 power ratio (putting in as much power as you do). Power-up mode assist pedaling at a 1:2 ration (twice as much motor power per pedal power).

A three speed internal gear hub and twist style handlebar shifter make this one easy to ride bike. Shifting between the gears is a simple twist of the wrist. The gearing is similar to those classic 3 speed cruisers that are so much fun to ride. You have a gear for starting up and steep hills, one for going a little bit up-hill, and one for cruising and speed. That's all you need for most practical purposes, and it keeps things simple.

The lights on a Sanyo Eneloop electric bicycle are wired directly into the battery. No more need to spend extra money on expensive replacement batteries for the lights! They will even remain illuminated up to 15 minutes after pedal assistance is no longer available. When braking, the rear light will blink rapidly, regardless of whether the lights are on or off. Such ample lighting makes the Sanyo Eneloop electric bike very visible on crowded streets and dark roads.

Riding Position
With an adjustable handlebar stem and seat post this bike will fit most riders of an average height. I am 6' 2 and I felt a bit cramped when testing it, so taller riders should try the Eneloop for themselves to see if they feel comfortable before buying.

Some Extras
Every Sanyo Eneloop electric bicycle comes with a large durable rear rack and a sturdy rear wheel mounted kick stand. It's too bad the guys at Sanyo didn't think to make the rear rack removable. You could easily put some coals under it and it would be a perfect hibachi grill. Think of the picnics you could have!

Now that we've gotten to know the basic features of the Sanyo Eneloop electric bike lets dive right into what makes Sanyo electric bike one of the best electric bicycles

An ultra light, ultra long lasting battery

A high-performance lithium-ion battery is at the heart of the Sanyo Eneloop electric bike. Lithium-ion batteries are lighter and longer lasting that older battery technologies. They also charge faster and last longer. What more could you want? The battery in the Sanyo Eneloop weighs about 3.3 lbs, compare that to average electric bike batteries that weigh 7 - 10 lbs. Under ideal conditions it takes about 3 hours and 30 minutes to fully charge the battery. A full charge can power you for up to 40 miles, depending on riding conditions. That's enough to get you to and from most local destinations without recharging. When properly used these batteries will last for about 300 to 500 charge/discharge cycles, or about a year and a half. Overcharging and improper storage can reduce their life span. The Sanyo Eneloop electric bike certainly has the most advanced battery technology of any electric bicycle.

Take care of your battery, don't leave it in a corner to sulk.

Batteries need love too you know! Long periods of neglect will make them cranky and inefficient. If you plan on storing your battery, take proper care of it so you don't wind up with a really expensive useless brick. Batteries naturally self-discharge over time, so you should check their charge about once a month and charge for an hour if they go below 25% charge. The battery should be stored in a cool place, not more than 50% charged. A fully charged battery can be dangerous and should be run down before storage. If the battery is left for a long time without charging it can become over discharged and lose its ability to fully charge. Storing the battery won't necessarily increase the usable life of the battery, proper storage will keep the battery in good working order when it is not being used.

Sanyo electric bike dynamotor

Sanyo Eneloop electric bike dynamotor works wonders

The key to the Eneloop electric bike's pedal assistance is it's front hub Dyna-motor. The Dyna-motor is a dual function front hub motor and dynamo generator (hence dyna-motor!) which is both powered by the battery and recharges it. Gently applying the rear brake on a downhill slope starts an electric braking process within the dyna-motor which uses the bike's momentum to charge the battery. Don't try to go too fast thinking you are charging the battery faster, the battery will not recharge if the bike is traveling over 15 mph.

Leave other electric bikes behind!

The Sanyo Eneloop electric bike has a great battery and a super light frame, making it a front runner in the long distance electric bike market. Regenerative braking in combination with intelligent pedal assistance increases its range over other electric bikes. In auto mode, using regenerative braking on downhills, the Sanyo Eneloop electric bicycle can go for 32 - 40 miles with out stopping. On a flat road you can get 13-16 miles on power-up, 13-23 miles on standard, and 22-26 miles on auto. And when your battery finally runs out, you can still make it home without too much trouble thanks to the bike's light frame. I rode it for a few miles with no pedal assist and found it to perform about as well the average 3 speed cruiser.

Intelligent power assistance: secret weapon of the Sanyo Eneloop electric bike

How did they make the acceleration and pedal assistance on this electric bike so smooth and responsive? The secret to the power assistance on a Sanyo Eneloop electric bike is the crank sensor, located within the bottom bracket of the bike. The crank sensor reads how much pressure, or torque, you put into the pedals. The controller then calculates a proportional pedal assistance according to what mode it is set to. Take standard mode for example. When you start pedaling the crank sensor reads your pedal force and adds exactly the same amount of motor assistance, doubling your overall power on the bike. This is a 1:1 ratio of pedal to motor power. As you pass 6.2 mph the maximum ratio of pedal power to motor power decreases gradually. When you pass 15 mph the motor no longer assists pedaling. As soon as you stop pedaling or apply the rear brake the pedal assist stops. This smooth and responsive pedal assistance makes riding the Sanyo Eneloop electric bicycle feel more like riding a regular bike.

To sum it all up, the Sanyo Eneloop electric bike is totally awesome.

The Sanyo Eneloop electric bicycle really surprised me with how much it felt like riding a regular 3 speed bike. With 3 modes of smooth intelligent power assistance you can feel the additional power without feeling out of control. A high-performance lithium-ion battery gives it the range for longer rides and commutes, and saves you several extra pounds of weight over older battery technologies. Relatively short charging time gets you back on the road again without having to charge overnight. All in all, I'd say that the Sanyo Eneloop electric bicycle is far superior to most electric bikes, it can go farther and last longer. It is definitely one amazing electric bike. For more information visit our product page for the Sanyo Eneloop electric bicycle.

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