Strida LT Folding Bike - Triangle Shaped Portable Bicycle

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Strida LT folding bike|the triangular bicycle

The Strida folding bike is distinguishable by its unique triangular frame. As one of the lightest folding bikes in our stock, the Strida is the best folding bike to bring on short trips to the park or throw in the back of a car. With one motion, the Strida folding bike will fold into a long, lightweight shape that can be rolled on its small wheels.

A single-speed folding bike driven by a belt instead of a chain, the Strida is perfect for short rides and commutes

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Strida! Strida! Strida! Woo, alright!

Right off of the bat, let us say this. You're not going to take the Strida on 100 mile long commutes. If your commute is shorter, however, or if you're looking for something to have fun with around the block or in the park, the Strida is AWESOME.

 The Strida is comfortable to ride (offering a relaxed, upright posture), easy to fold and transport, and easy to store. Folding in just 6 seconds and weighing in at 20 lbs, the Strida is one of the lightest, fastest-folding bicycles on the market. The Strida is also impeccably clean. With rust-proof components and a kevlar belt driving the bike in place of a chain, you don't have to worry about dirty grease, lubrication, or adjustments. In addition, the kevlar belt never needs to be adjusted or cleaned the way a chain would, so you can ride with a clear mind. And trust us, these belts are durable (it's the same system that a Harley motorcycle uses.) Strida bicycles are known for their hand-built quality. Given that they are single-speed, there is even less maintenance to worry about.

With smaller wheels, the Strida offers a lot of acceleration and handling. You'll take off quickly and effortlessly, and you'll stop and turn on a dime. Needless to say, the Strida is a lot of fun to ride.

The Strida is easy to fold, and easy to transport when folded. Given the belt driven system and the alignment of the wheels when folded, you can easily roll the Strida on its wheels when in its folded form. This is certainly a welcome addition to the folding bike world, and you'll find that you'll be making use of this nifty feature all of the time.

In all honesty, you'll marvel at the Strida's design. English designer and engineer Mark Sanders spent sixteen years refining the design. It's simple and elegant, like a piece of art.


The Strida LT's features
Weight:21 lbs (10kg)
Frame:7000 Series Aluminium
Brakes:Disc brakes
Drive Train:Kevlar Greaseless Belt Drive
Wheels:16 inch plastic
Hub:Anodized Silver Alloy
Cranks:4 Spider Cast Aluminum
Freewheel:Internal Hub Freewheel

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